Our selection of news is focused on health topics of all kinds: physical, mental, financial, nutritional…and others that you didn’t know existed.

But, you say, “there are so many newsletters already!” We know, and we are enthusiastic subscribers to many of them. Some are promotional, a majority just so-so, and yet others—like ours—simply kick ass.

We hear that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit—which you already
know from trying to hit the pavement/barre/climbing wall/mat/pool/court/cycle 21 days in
a row. Give us a try and let us know what you think. We are free, we are three
newsletters per week, we are your semi-casual hang.

Some topics we will probably
include in each edition:

Our take on the most important health news, eating & nutrition—and both sides of the argument for the latest “trends.” Wellness, sure, but with a POV on what’s worth paying attention to (and perhaps what makes our eyes roll). Fitness tips grounded in facts. Practical tips and news on how to improve your financial health.

Some topics we may cover intermittently:

Coffee, Wine, Tequila. Or alternatives to all the above. Healthy travel. Perhaps the occasional meander into conscious consumption. The dizzying world of Cannabis/CBD/Hemp and what you should know. We are here for anyone who appreciates a clever, in-the-know friend serving up just right portions of the day’s health-related news.