Key Ways to Tell You Are Getting Better at Running (Part 1)

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Running for sport has recently been gaining popularity in the fitness world. While it is common for people who run to want to have faster run times—especially if they enjoy running competitively—there is a lot more to it than just improving your time. Runners (and anyone who practices sports) often push themselves to the limit just to improve their numbers. However, the journey shouldn’t be a soul-crushing experience.


Whenever you feel down or get the feeling that you are seeing any improvement, keep in mind that there are so many other ways to tell that you are getting better at running that fall outside your run time. Remember that any improvement, no matter how small still deserves to be acknowledged. This will be a two-part blog post that will shed some light as to other measurable metrics to signal that you are improving at running.

Key Ways to Tell You Are Getting Better at Running (Part 1)

1 – You Are Getting More Consistent

Running can get you in the groove of so many health benefits. Running on a regular basis will help you get stronger and move closer towards your fitness goals. If you feel that you are getting more consistent with your running training, it will mean that your body is adjusting well to the strain and stress you are putting on yourself when you run.

2 – It Feels More Natural

After some time, running will gradually begin to feel more natural to you. If you have not had this habit before, you may feel a little bit clumsy or awkward at first. However, when you are able to run more often, you will slowly begin to feel more natural while you do it.

3 – You Can Run Farther

Running isn’t just about how fast you are, but how far you can endure to run. If you notice that you are able to run longer distances, this is also an indication that you are making an improvement in your training habits!

4 – You Run More Often

The frequency of how often you run will also be a great indicator of how far you have come since you took up the sport. If you make it a point to run and find your day incomplete if you weren’t able to step out for a jog, your body has gotten used to the workout being part of your daily schedule.

5 – Hills Aren’t So Challenging Anymore

At first, you may have felt that running uphill was a challenge. As time goes by, you may notice that you will be able to charge uphill! This is a good sign that your endurance and stamina have improved drastically as a result of regular running.


These are the first five ways to tell that you and your body have been positively adjusting to your running habit. If you have noticed these changes, congratulations! You are getting better and stronger as a runner! However, if you still don’t feel that you have been making progress, you may want to read the second installment of this blog post. 

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