Staycation like a pro with these tips

TheSkinny: We’re all moving around a bit more, slowly, but lingering uncertainty, budgets and lack of services will have a profound effect on summer vacation plans. According to a poll by National Geographic, only 8% would consider flying this summer. Another reason to stay local: Support for your local economy and small business owners—search for lists like this one, that is focused on black businesses in LA, and make a point to shop and dine local.

Plan your excursions: Anticipating future activities can bring happiness now, so take the next couple of weeks to organize ideas that you can tick off during the summer. With life still in semi-slowdown, take advantage and experience all the local activities you’ve been meaning to do for years, but “never had time.” We’re looking forward to booking random nights in some of the coolest NYC hotels—even the relatively expensive ones are way cheaper than traveling. Net: If you live in one of the world’s greatest cities—get out and enjoy exploring it on foot during this rare moment that it isn’t swarmed with tourists.

Eat out—literally: Restaurants worldwide have figured out creative to dine outside or in other socially-distanced ways. Track your local food news daily and try to uncover (and experience) the coolest dining solutions in your town. For a quick inspirational tour, check out what they came up with in Amsterdam (mini-greenhouses), Sweden (hotel suites as pop-up restaurants); Ocean City, MD (bar bumper tables), and Lithuania (the whole city as giant outdoor café).

Live music, reimagined: Order it with takeout! Live music delivery is a trend, according to National Geographic.

If you live here: Well, if you live in these ten cities—including Boise, ID, Charleston, SC and Scottsdale, AZ—you’re already in the one of the top cities for staycations, says a comprehensive ranking by WalletHub.

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