Conquering Remote Work Loneliness

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Given the advent of new technologies, more and more people now dream of living a more flexible life. This means no longer being chained behind an office desk, and instead opting for working on their laptops on the couch, kitchen countertops, and even the bed. The freedom brought on by working from home is undeniable, especially since you’re free to work anywhere—even beside the sea, so long as you have a stable internet connection.

Working remotely certainly has its advantages, particularly when it comes to time. There will also be no need for commuting, but it’s important to remember that everything always has a downside. Apart from distractions and the challenges of digital collaboration, one of the most prevalent dangers of working remotely are the extreme feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

Left ignored, isolation and loneliness can yield negative consequences—all of which can impact not only your emotional health but your productivity and performance. To help you win the battle against the remote work blues, we’ve gathered these tips to take into consideration:

Tip #1: Take a break and get some fresh air

Now that we’re slowly easing back to normal, it’s important to spruce up your working environment by heading to the outside world. You may opt to walk in the morning to your favorite coffee shop before work, or perhaps take an afternoon break down by the park. It’s important to remain cautious of making contact with others, however, but make sure you spend some time basking in the outside.

You can even opt to just head out to the balcony with a cup of water in hand—so long as you don’t end up staring at the same wall for hours on end. In doing so, you effectively stay in touch with reality—decreasing any onslaught of negative thoughts.

Tip #2: Put on some music or white noise

Silence is a welcome form of relaxation, but it can also be a deafening and crippling distraction. It’s only a reminder that you’re alone, away from the bustle of the traditional working place. If you wish to recreate such sounds, opt to put on white noise soundtracks from YouTube or Spotify—most of them can last for hours.

If you can work with music on, however, don’t hesitate to do so. It’s therapeutic to have the freedom to dance around or sway with the music, even whilst beating a deadline. If you simply wish to fill in the silence, however, turning on the TV will suffice. Either way, you’ll find that adding background music can melt the loneliness away.

Tip #3: Remember that you’re not alone

Loneliness is an inevitable human emotion, which is why countless others like you are likely going through the same situation. It should never be viewed as a weakness, either, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends and family. This is a crucial step towards healing—actively accepting the situation and finding ways to alleviate it. More often than not, a simple video call can uplift your spirits—never hesitate to open up.

The Bottom Line

Regardless if you’re new to the remote community or not, these tips are just some of the best ways to ensure your feelings of loneliness do not escalate further. Take a break whenever you need it, and put on some background noise to chase the silence away. Above all, remember that you’re not alone—everyone’s just a message away. 

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