Jumping Jacks Are Very Beneficial to Your Health—Here’s Why

jumping jacks

Exercise as a whole is incredibly helpful to your health. One of the most basic exercises everyone knows, jumping jacks is a full-body workout that requires absolutely no gear, and it can be helpful for developing your flexibility. A person that has little to no exercise will have no trouble figuring out jumping jacks as well! 

Jumping Jacks

There aren’t any complications when it comes to jumping jacks. However, having a grasp of the technique and form involved is still advisable to minimize muscle pain and cramps. So, put on workout shoes and follow these steps:

  • Stand with your feet together and back straight, arms at your sides.
  • Raise your arms overhead fast as you jump with your feet on either side. (Your body should look, somewhat, like a spread-out X.)
  • Your legs should be making an inverted V shape as you jump.
  • Land as gently as possible.

Of course, like all other exercises, it’s best to consult with a doctor before performing jumping jacks. The last thing you want is to discover an underlying bone condition down the line.

Read on to learn more about why jumping jacks are beneficial to health:

Doing Jumping Jacks Are Great for Building Muscle Strength

Jumping jacks are ideal for efficient muscle-strength building. It’s applicable to the muscles engaged when jumping jacks are happening. This includes hip abductors, calves, core muscles, lower back muscles, abs, and shoulder abductors. High-intensity interval routines have jumping jacks for that very reason.

Doing Jumping Jacks Give the Body a Full-on Workout

Aerobic capacity and body temperature alike both get a major boost from jumping jacks. That’s why jumping jacks are generally part of cardio routines and/or warm-up exercises. They help to get the body toned very well.

Doing Jumping Jacks Helps with the Improvement of Bone Health

Bone health gets a boost from jumping jacks since they’re body weight exercises. Aside from adding to the strength of bones, jumping jacks allow the bones to become far denser. Losing bone mass is prevented alongside the improvement of bone strength for osteoporosis-prone people.

Doing Jumping Jacks Is a Great Way to Improve Heart Health

The heart rate gets a good bump from jumping jacks. It’s crucial since the heart rate will point out whether or not exercises are being done correctly. Sometimes, exercise is being done incorrectly or there’s far too much “push” going in when it isn’t necessary. Low-intensity exercises and high-intensity exercises alike are ideal for heart rates staying in the best possible zone.

Doing Jumping Jacks Plays a Key Role in Weight Loss

Half an hour of jumping jacks can help a 70-kg person with the burning of up to 186 calories! Needless to say, this varies slightly depending on weight. However, it does not discount the way it affects weight loss one way or another.


Jumping jacks are one of the most basic exercises used for warm-up exercises and cardio routines alike. It’s a full-body workout that plays a major role in overall health. Benefits include improvement of bone health, improvement of heart health, and muscle strength being built.

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