How to Successfully Add a Workout to Your Regular Routine

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Starting a goal is achievable but consistency takes a lot of effort and dedication. More than the exercise itself, the more challenging aspect of starting a workout routine is sticking to it. Giving time to take care of one’s body, especially when you are also struggling to juggle many things, can be frustrating. When it comes to work, family, rest, and exercise, it is so easy to put fitness at the end of the priority list. 

How to Be Consistent With Your Workout: The Solution

The answer to this problem is simpler than most people think. If you want to have time to exercise, you need to include it in your schedule, just like how you schedule your or bonding time with family and friends. 

Planning your workout can help you set your mind to it, like when you have a meeting to attend or a deadline to meet. More importantly, doing so helps your body and mind prepare for it with no room for excuses. 

How Creating a Routine Works

When you create a routine, perform a task that you need to repeat daily or regularly. When you wake up in the morning, you would eventually know that you have to do your routine without thinking much about it. You can naturally do it without any hesitation, and it becomes part of your daily activities. 

Imagine adding workouts to that list. That is how you introduce exercise again to your lifestyle and how you can start turning it into a habit. According to researchers, consistency is essential when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle. It is also vital when forming new habits. To successfully create your routine, you need to be able to do it multiple times.

How to Effectively Include Exercise to Your Routine

You can only make it work if you set realistic workout goals. “Realistic” does not mean accepting that you have no time. Knowing that it is possible is one thing, and making time for it is another. You need to find that balance wherein you push yourself to do it but not too much. 

Here is a breakdown of how you can come up with a realistic workout plan.

  • Before the new week begins, make sure to take some time to sit down and review your schedule. 
  • Determine your priorities for the coming week and break them down to see your free times clearer. 
  • Find a time slot you can allot to your workout. Ideally, that timing is consistent and would not change for a week or two. Do your best to save it solely for your workout sessions. 
  • As you go through your schedule every day, try to reflect on what you felt after you completed a workout. Did you feel more energized? Did you feel hungry? Or were you more stressed than usual? Answering these questions can help you assess if your assigned workout schedule is for you. 
  • Track your progress. If there are days that you skipped the regular workout routine, take note of why and what you felt after. By noting these details, you can adjust and develop a more feasible workout schedule that fits your lifestyle. 
  • Look for an accountability partner. Usually, these are friends who share the same goal as you. With them, you can get more of the emotional support you need to keep going. They would also serve as an excellent reminder to stick to your goals. 


Setting goals is good but stating them and not doing anything about it leads nowhere. Be intentional with your goals and do your best to make them work for you. If you want to be healthier and happier, adding exercise to your routine would be a significant lifestyle change. Stick to it by putting it on your schedule and trying your best to meet them every time. 

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