Our Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Busy People like You

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Many people are starting to recognize the benefits of self-care. However, many still choose to drop this act, especially when stretched for time. Practicing self-care is necessary for both your physical and mental health, and what’s curious about it is that it also affects the people around you. 

Without taking the necessary steps for self-care, it’s hard to be the best version of yourself at home, at work, and in your relationships. Besides that, you’ll also end up treating yourself unkindly, which hinders you from experiencing the world. 

Sometimes, there will be moments where you don’t need to take care of yourself and spend a few minutes of the day practicing a ritual; most often, these are the times when you need self-care the most. 

If you’re feeling like all the hours of your day are filled up, fitting in self-care can be difficult, but don’t worry. Here at The Skinny, our team has created a guide that will help busy people like you squeeze in a bit of self-care, even on your most busy days.

Identify Your Needs and Start There

Generally, self-care is portrayed as an act of pampering yourself. However, self-care is done to meet your needs. This could include a need for a break and relaxation, a need for solitude and quiet, a need to connect, and more. Whatever it is, identify what you need most in your life now and work from there. 

By doing this, you’ll make self-care work for you in fantastic and efficient ways. So instead of following other people’s self-care guide, formulate one for yourself to address your needs.

Schedule Your Self-Care Sessions

“I’m busy” or “I don’t have enough time” are the most common excuses when we ask people if they practice self-care. However, flip that perspective and think that you have time. 

Understandably, it sounds easier said than done, but the best way to make time for yourself when you lead a busy lifestyle is to schedule it. Find space in the week to schedule an “appointment” for self-care, and remember to stick to it. 

Decide That Self-Care is a Priority

People find it hard to squeeze in self-care because it’s not part of their list of priorities. The reality is, anything related to yourself and the betterment of your well-being is always worth taking. Besides, if your mind and body aren’t at their best, what part of your life are you compromising? A lot. 

What you do with your time is a choice, so find the time and make self-care a priority. Even fitting in even just a 5-minute breathing exercise break will help do wonders to your mental space. 

Be Strict About Your Boundaries

Boundaries come into the picture when you start squeezing in self-care in your life because you’re beginning to take time for yourself and saying “no” to people. When you start setting boundaries, you might begin to experience resistance from people. At first, this could be challenging, but you need to remember to put your need first before theirs. 

When you set boundaries, think of who you are, the values you follow, and what you’re willing to do. Once you’ve set it, stand your ground so you could be a stronger and healthier version of yourself. 

Do Small Things Often and Well

The best way to squeeze self-care into your routine is by doing the tiniest self-care tasks first and do it well. Eventually, you’ll notice that engaging with little self-care tasks is much more effective than dealing with huge bombs, especially when you’re not ready. 

Begin your self-care journey by setting aside five to ten minutes of your day to practice breathing exercises. The Skinny recommends that you do a 15-minute yoga flow in the morning to wake your senses, stretch your body, help your blood circulate, and get your heart rate up. Doing this will help jumpstart your day in a better physical and mental mind space. 

The Bottom Line: Yes, You Can Do Self-Care Even If You’re Busy

Self-care isn’t a luxury; in fact, you have to prioritize yourself and dissect all the negative things in your life and replace them with positive tasks and mindset to help you be a much better version of yourself. 

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