Key Ways to Tell You Are Getting Better at Running (Part 2)

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Welcome back to the subsequent installment to this two-part blog post! If you are still in doubt that you have not improved your running habit, here are a few more measurable metrics to help you tell how far you have come since you started.

The key is remembering that your only opponent in this race is yourself. As long as you are able to improve your personal best, that will be an indication that you are training hard and your hard work is paying off. Here are five more key ways to tell that you are getting better as a runner.

Key Ways to Tell You Are Getting Better at Running (Part 2)

6 – Slower Heart Rate

If your heart does not beat as fast as it used to when you run, it means that your heart health is also improving. It means that this muscle is better able to pump blood throughout your body, even if you are not at rest.

7 – You Can Talk While You Run

When you first begin running, you may have found it difficult to talk or even breathe properly while you run. At first, you may have had to stop running entirely just to talk to the person you are running with. However, as your body slowly gets accustomed to aerobic exercise, you will be able to talk to the people you run with without having to take deep breaths or stop running.

8 – You Feel Less Sore the Next Day

Feeling sore after a workout is normal. However, as time passes, your body will get used to the strain of regular exercise and feel less sore the next day. Delayed onset muscle soreness is normal, and you will still feel it if you increase the intensity of your run. However, if you run at the same pace, you are bound to feel less sore as your body gets used to it.

9 – You Prioritize Your Daily Run

If you find yourself prioritizing your daily run and getting this exercise done, this indicates you have made the mental decision to continue this positive habit. This will make a huge difference when it comes to how much improvement you are able to make in the long run. 

10 – You Are Motivated

One of the best things about running (and most cardio workouts) is that it releases dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter that plays an essential role in how your body feels pleasure and pain. It is one of the core reasons why you feel motivated to continue exercising and running. Your body is the one making reasons for you to feel good about your running habit, whether you beat your running speed goals or not. If you feel good when you run, you should keep at it!


First of all, congratulations on being persistent and so keen on persevering in your running habit! After reading all of these indicators of improvement, we hope that your enthusiasm to continue your running habit will continue. 

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