Fitness Trends in 2020 to Use for Your New Year’s Resolutions

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People have become obsessed with the popular fitness trends that have surfaced throughout 2020, most of which are due to people having more time on their hands than they’re used to. Thanks to COVID-19 and the ongoing quarantine, people now have quite an amount of extra time, which they’ve chosen to use to improve their physique and overall health!

Most of the time, people only follow trends for the sake of inclusivity; however, fitness trends have become a great way for people to get in shape and maintain that healthy physique. With the New Year getting everyone hyped, here are some of the best and easiest Trends in 2020 that you can use for your New Year’s Resolutions for 2021:

Using Wearable Technology

Not only has wearable technology been a trend for the last four years, but it has also proven to become even more popular and successful as years went by. People often rely on wearable technology as a means of both aesthetic and monitoring capabilities. One of the most common examples of which are fitness trackers, which are frequently implemented into smartwatches, among many others. 

Although famous thanks to their many features, fitness trackers are now commonly known for their somewhat accurate capacity to display the user’s calories, sitting time, as well as steps taken.

Practicing Lunchtime Workouts

This trend has surfaced quite recently, to which practitioners find themselves exercising in the middle of the day. Instead of wasting that entire lunch hour period, people have now started to use it as a medium for fitness. 

It’s a great way to implement working out into your regular workday, and it’s also supposed to make sure that you don’t skip out on any exercise since lunch breaks are an everyday thing!

Doing High-Intensity Interval Training

This practice has been trending for many years now, which only proves that it’s reliable and effective. This is done by practicing exercise programs that require the person to do high-intensity workouts for short periods. This means that the body will utilize all of its strength while preventing your body from overworking—which is a great option for people who don’t have as much time as others do.

Hiring A Personal Trainer

Although not as recent, this trend has gained a lot of popularity thanks to its convenience and effectiveness. People who practice exercise with a personal trainer guiding them tend to be more confident and motivated with their exercise regime. 

Personal training has also gained more popularity thanks to the virus outbreak since it’s a practice that can be done even if the trainer isn’t there in person—your guide can give you instructions and tips via calling over the internet!


A lot of these fitness trends are popular thanks to their effectiveness; however, the exercise regime’s success is all up to the practitioner and their perseverance. Aside from practicing exercise, dieting has also been a big factor in fitness—but that’s a different story entirely.

People are often discouraged if they find themselves lacking in progress, but people must remember that not everyone has the same body. Different people will produce different results despite running the same fitness practice, which only means that as long as you are religious to your practice, you’ll inevitably end up having your dream body!

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