Get to Know Your Favorite Healthy Spirit— A Background of Tequila


If you enjoy social drinking and spend many of your weekends out in restaurants, bars, and clubs with your friends and colleagues, you may already be familiar with various spirits. If you’re a fan of taking tequila shots, it’s essential to know that tequila is dubbed as the best alcohol for most people.

However, you might be having second thoughts about that because your memories with tequila could involve bad experiences, at least most of the time. After taking shot after shot with salt and lemon, you find yourself loosening up, busting moves you never knew you had, conversing with strangers, and forgetting everything the next day.

Before you swear never to consume tequila ever again, it might help to know how it was created and why many people still stay true to their belief that tequila is the best spirit. Keep reading below to take a closer look at the origin of tequila and why many claim it’s the best.

The History of Tequila

Over a thousand years ago, when the Mesoamericans roamed the land, they turned to drinking pulque, a kind of alcohol created from the fermented sap of the Maguey plant, now better known as Agave. The plant grew in volcanic soil, which was only found in Jalisco, Mexico.

Pulque was considered a sacred drink that not everyone was privileged enough to get a taste of and was only limited to particular classes and people. However, during the early sixteenth century, the conquistadors found their way to central Mexico.

Despite setting foot on new land, they brought their own spirit concoction to quench their thirst. Unfortunately, they ran out of it soon enough. It led them to turn to other means, such as using the agave plant to come up with one of North America’s first domestic alcohols. 

Three hundred years later, mass production of tequila occurred. People held onto the fact that you can only acquire real tequila from Jalisco, Mexico. According to Mexican Law, besides a few chosen municipalities in other states, Jalisco is the only state that can legally produce tequila.

Types of Tequila


Blanco consists of a white or silver liquid. It is known as an unaged type of tequila that manufacturers bottle and put away as soon as they’re done distilling it. The spirit always resembles a transparent appearance.


Reposado is a rested tequila drink. It takes distilleries between two and twelve months to complete its aging process, and they often use oak barrels to improve its flavor. Reposado appears orange in color.


Joven is a young type of tequila that displays a gold-colored liquid. Spirit distilleries combine Blanco and Reposado to develop Joven and produce a unique state that alcohol drinkers continue to pine for when searching for the best tequila beverage.


Añejo takes a while to complete. It’s a type of tequila drink that undergoes a lengthy process, typically between one and three years. It is preserved in oak barrels to keep it flavorful. Añejo is easy to tell apart from the others because it has a golden brown color.

Extra Añejo

Extra Añejo also goes through a similar process as the Añejo, but their difference is their color, flavor, and strength. The drink is darker, takes three years to complete, and is also kept in oak barrels to maintain its great taste.


Knowing the background of your favorite drink is essential because you can acquire a newfound appreciation for the spirit you turn to when you need something to boost your energy after a tiring day or week. What’s great about drinking tequila is that aside from its distinct flavor that you will always choose over other alcoholic beverages, it doesn’t increase your blood sugar because agave is non-digestible. It’s good for your health and wellness to stick to food and drinks that won’t hold a significant impact on your well-being. 

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