Expert Tips on How to Shop For Swimwear

TheSkinny: Shopping for swimwear is often anxiety-inducing, but it 100% shouldn’t be. So we checked in with our most stylish (stylist) friend Alyssa Dineen, who has three tips to share, and three brands to try.

Not to mention: Having a perfectly fitting suit, that you feel amazing in, will encourage you to spend more time being active outside. For example: Treading water in a pool reportedly burns 11 calories per minute (equal to running six-miles-per-hour), and The Leaf has seven more ideas on how to burn calories at the beach.

But, back to Alyssa. She writes:

Nowadays, it’s more difficult to just pop into a store to try on a handful of swimsuits. But if you can, amazing! (And take a friend for her opinion/moral support.) Your other choice is online, where you can also order a handful of suits to try at home and return those you don’t want.

In either shopping scenario, here are three tips to help you choose:

1. When swimsuit shopping, most of us are thinking “what is going to hide my [fill in the blank]”. What I’ve found working with my clients over the years, is that it’s sometimes the suit they are not even excited about—or think “will never work for them”—that ends up being the one that looks the best. So…be daring! Make sure to order a range of styles to try on, and you might be surprised.

2. After a certain age, it really is worth every penny to invest in a great swimsuit. The fabric will be high quality, the hardware will be stronger, and the construction will be well thought out.

3. Think about what you will be doing in this swimsuit and where. Playing with your kids? Working out? On the beach? In the waves? At the pool? Too often I’ve bought a suit because it looks good… standing still. But as soon as you move, things can start popping out.

And now, the brands/retailers:

If you want a top-quality suit that lasts, with gorgeous colors and patterns, and you don’t mind a higher price tag, then choose Malia Mills. They were the pioneers of making swimwear for all different shapes and sizes and the first to sell separate tops (in actual bra sizes) and bottoms so you can get ones that fit exactly to your body. They really do last forever!!

Swimsuits for All carries styles from sexy to sporty and all their suits are motion tested so you know they will stay put. They also have major sales with some suits discounted to less than $20. I can’t attest to the longevity, but I know that they are wildly popular.

Summersalt is in between the above two in price range with some poppy colors and figure-flattering shapes. They also range from frilly to sporty.

For ongoing style inspiration, or to have her style your dating profile, you can find Alyssa here and on Instagram.

While we’re at the beach…a cooler hack! Given the extreme heat upon us, reaching in for an icy drink provides a moment of relief. Yet, your cooler has failed to keep the ice cold and is now a lukewarm swimming pool for iced teas and your ham sandwich. The cure? Anyone of these easy tips to keep ice from melting so quickly.

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