CBD or Alcohol: Discussing Their Effects and Differences

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Among the various substances used by people for recreational use, the two that are often compared are cannabidiol (CBD) and alcohol. This is mostly due to their popularity and even the minor stigma around them. 

That said, there are many misconceptions regarding these substances and their similarities. Knowing the real information on these substances and the differences between their effects is essential for anyone concerned with healthy eating and nutrition.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound specifically found in cannabis plants. The reason most people associate it with the idea of recreational drugs is that its compound is taken from hemp and marijuana plants. It should be noted, however, that CBD does not actually cause a “high.”

The presence of THC is what makes marijuana usage a psychoactive experience. CBD oil is usually extracted from hemp, which means that products will not have any THC levels more than 0.3 percent. 

The common usage for CBD oil is not so much recreational as it is medicinal. You will usually find it as a treatment for pain and a plethora of other symptoms. There even exists an FDA-prescribed medication made from CBD specifically made to treat two types of epilepsy. This is because of its effects listed below.

Effects of CBD

Perhaps the most important factor to take note of first is that CBD is safe even in larger doses. Medical reviews also show that it is not an addictive substance on its own. Its beneficial effects are as follows:

1. Pain relief

The most common use for CBD oil is to relieve pain, both for athletes and people that suffer from chronic conditions. Studies have even shown its effectiveness for patients that have arthritis and multiple sclerosis. 

2. Mental health management

CBD oil is often used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression. It is even noted as a helpful resource for cancer patients and those suffering from seizures. 

3. Preventing certain conditions

Not only is it used as a treatment for existing conditions but as a way to lower the risk of other conditions developing. These include Alzheimer’s and acne.

4. Improving blood pressure

CBD oil can lower your blood pressure, so this can help protect your heart and keep your arteries less stressed.

The Downside of CBD

It’s still important to be careful when using CBD despite how safe it is, especially if going for higher dosages. Unwanted side effects include dry mouth, lightheadedness, drowsiness, and possibly having your blood pressure drop lower than the normal rate. 

What is Alcohol?

Arguably the most popular substance that is often abused because of how easily accessible it is, alcohol is made from fermented fruits, grains, and other sugar sources. There is a wide range of alcohol under the sun, from your beers and lagers to your vodkas and spirits.

Effects and Downside of Alcohol

The only positive effect noted in any alcoholic beverage is from wine. The popular adage of having a glass a day for the heart does have truth in it, but that’s only because of the resveratrol found in grapes. 

Literally every alcoholic beverage, unfortunately, only has harmful effects. The immediate downside is the intoxication that can put a person at risk for so many reasons. With higher consumption, one gets a hangover, headaches, nausea, and even diarrhea. 

Over the long run, other side effects include higher blood pressure and the risk of liver disease, digestive problems, and stroke. This is not to mention that alcohol dependence is a very real issue.


It’s important to recognize the distinction between the effects of these substances in order to properly control usage and make better choices. Note how CBD can still be found in fitness tips as a beneficial aid, whereas alcohol is strictly avoided. 

This is because CBD is not solely a recreational substance as it is not psychoactive and has other health uses. Alcohol consumption, on the other hand, has no real benefit to one’s health and can even be detrimental over time. It’s better to be informed on actual scientific data rather than the perception of either substance.

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