Creating a Workout Routine That You Will Really Do – Part 1

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Working out means performing different exercise routines. Some people prefer to hit the gym, others enjoy weightlifting, while some go running. No matter what exercise you plan to do, it can be a barrier if you don’t enjoy any of these things. That’s why it’s important to have a fitness plan that you really enjoy. In this two-part post, we will help you create a fitness plan that you’re going to love! 

Identify Your Fitness Goals

It goes without saying that before you make a plan, you should first identify your goals. What do you want to achieve? 

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Are you looking for activities to help you build more muscle?
  • Do you want to increase your strength?
  • Do you want activities to help you become more toned and firmer? 

Finally, are your goals for aesthetic purposes, functional, or both? 

Identifying your goals is the first step to creating a fitness plan that will work for you and you will truly enjoy. Get to know why you want to work out and start from there. 

Determine the Exercise Activities You Like

The truth is, there are no right or wrong ways to be active. With so many physical activities out there, you’re bound to find something you like—and that’s something you should do here. Get to know these activities and find ones that you enjoy. You can also check out workout videos online to give you more ideas. 

Have the Four Essential Elements

Indeed, there is a wide variety of activities you can include in your fitness plan, but there are four essential elements to ensure your workout plan is as efficient as possible. What are they? 

  • Cardio: This type of exercise helps increase your heart rate and breathing to improve the function of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. There are steady, low- to moderate-intensity exercises or intervals of high-intensity cardio routines you can do. Moreover, cardio can be done just about anywhere. Having at least 4-5 cardio workouts per week is ideal. 
  • Strengthening: When it comes to building muscles, strengthening is a must. This routine will help improve muscular strength and endurance. It can also help reduce injury from other activities and keep your skeletal system healthy as you age. You can do strength training exercises using free weights, resistance bands, machines, or simply your body weight. When weightlifting, it’s crucial you are in your proper form, which is why it’s best you work with a professional to help you achieve the proper form to avoid injuries. 
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Flexibility is a muscle’s ability to stretch, while mobility is the ability of a joint to move freely through its range of motion. These are important parts of your overall fitness, which is why it needs to be in your fitness routine. 
  • Recovery: Rest and recovery are crucial in any fitness plan. As muscles are broken down, they will need time to heal and repair, and this is where they grow stronger. The good news is, you can still be active while recovering through low-intensity activities. 


Identifying your goals, determining activities you like, and knowing the four elements of a workout routine are crucial to kicking off your workout routine. Now, let’s move on to the second part!

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