6 Reasons Having Friends Is Beneficial for Your Health


“No man is an island” – This essentially means that no one is self-sufficient because even introverts need some company to rely on when things get rough. On the other hand, it is also fantastic to have people you can do simple things with. Do you love dining out, watching movies, or going to the gym? Admit it; things are more enjoyable with someone around.

In fact, having a friend is the cheapest and healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Friends’ support can also benefit you in many ways!

They make you feel belong

Having a group of friends undoubtedly gives you a sense of belongingness. Now that we are facing a series of unfortunate events, friends will make you feel that you are not the only one and that you are not going crazy for feeling random things. Don’t be too hard on yourself and share whatever you are feeling with your friends. They may not have the solution to your problems but just having someone listening to you will be a reminder that you are not alone!

They boost your self-esteem

Your mind can sometimes be deceiving. What looks bad for you may look normal for others. This is why we are lucky to have friends because they cheer us up when we doubt ourselves. They also remind you of your best assets when you don’t feel confident about yourself. Most importantly, they know how to support you in things that you love doing.

They reduce your stress

Did you know that venting is actually good for your health? People who keep things to themselves are more likely to get severely ill from depression. If you’re having a bad day, you always want to release it, and you can do it by simply calling your friends and unloading your bad moods through them. Receiving a tap at the back and hugs can also relieve the heavy feeling. Hugs are so powerful because they are believed to help release oxytocin, the happy chemicals that make you feel less threatened throughout the day. 

They improve your cognitive health

Friendships actually have more benefits than you might expect. The most important health news is that being socially active can reduce the risks of having dementia. Seniors who are more social are found to be 70% less likely to have dementia. 

They help you cope with grief

Our friends are the closest people next to our family. The pandemic may have taken the life of a loved one in every household, and if you experienced it, your friends were surely there to console you and condole with you. Friends help distract you from the saddening experience or sit with you when reminiscing about your loved ones. Some friends also act as a replacement for the people who passed away because they can become parents or siblings. 

They encourage healthy behaviors

A good friend is someone who encourages you to do good things. Being with the right group of friends also helps you make healthy life decisions. If your friends are physically active, then you are more likely to be encouraged to do so. Be with friends who promote healthy eating and nutrition and boost your mental health. Good friends also voice out their concerns about you because they always want what’s best for you!


Having friends is more than just making us feel good. Gladly, friendships have deeper benefits than what we can see on the surface. As your friends give you these benefits, in return, cherish them and always check up on them, especially now that we are in the middle of a health crisis. Let us keep our friends and take care of each other’s mental health. 

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