5 Reasons to Combine Cannabis and Yoga for Your Health


One curious health and wellness trend that is gaining traction in the USA is the combination of yoga and cannabis. People are now starting to make the connection between the experience of consuming cannabis and the spiritual experience of yoga. 

Yoga is known to help with a wide range of ailments. Its meditative nature makes it an incredibly spiritual practice that can put your mental state at ease. It should come as no surprise that the medicinal properties of cannabis only improve this experience. Pain relief, stress management, and improved gut health are just some of the ways cannabis can help your body. 

Combined, they can provide the following benefits for your health and wellness:

1. Reduced stress

The turbulence of current events, along with the hustle and bustle of daily life, can bring a lot of stress. If this stress remains unaddressed for too long, it might result in long-term health consequences. 

Yoga can alleviate this with breath control exercises and meditation. Combined with the relaxed state of mind cannabis puts you in, this can enhance the sensation of calm you can expect from yoga. It is also possible to boost your energy and motivation by taking THC before your sessions.

2. Enhanced concentration

One of the more notable benefits of yoga is a developed sense of focus and attention. The meditation inherent in yoga stimulates the brain to give you greater control of your thoughts and impulses. CBD can take this further by calming your mind, taking the meditation to a deeper level.

3. Alleviated anxiety

Anxiety is one of the leading reasons people turn to CBD, but introducing yoga into the mix can help reduce this mental condition’s intensity. While CBD can chemically induce the calm that people with anxiety need, yoga can train this person to diminish these thoughts. Together, they can create that fulfilling feeling of health and wellness.

4. Better sleep

Sleep is one of the most essential bodily functions. It ensures proper brain function, hormone production, cell regeneration and growth, and so on. CBD is often used to treat insomnia and other sleep problems, but the skills you can develop in yoga can maximize its effectiveness. 

While the cannabis interacts with your pineal glands to induce sleep, the focus you’ve learned from yoga can help clear your mind of the thoughts that keep you from drifting off.

5. Helps with inflammation

Both yoga and cannabis are well-known for their ability to help with pain and inflammation. Muscle soreness, joint pain, and other aches are often associated with inflammation, which is the body’s response to a wide array of injuries and conditions. 

Yoga can regulate blood flow through exercise, mitigating the discomfort from inflammation. CBD also helps with this by fusing with receptors in the brain that deal with pain and sensation. You would essentially be solving a problem in two different ways: physiologically and hormonally. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to health and wellness, there are no risks you should take. It is essential to consider whatever option you have when it comes to these things, especially since a decline in mental and physical health can lead to costly problems that are difficult to fix.

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