3 Effective Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling – Our Guide

Stay in Shape While Traveling

Traveling is an enjoyable journey that lets you escape reality, expand your boundaries, explore out-of-the-ordinary places you have never seen before, meet people from all walks of life, taste various dishes, learn about different cultures, and create memories you will cherish forever. However, while you are on the road, it is easy to fall out of shape. You can get lost in the trap of overindulging on delicious meals and treating yourself to a sloth-mode vacation. 

After a long time of traveling, you can be guilty of abandoning your healthy lifestyle and feel as if you have to start from scratch to live healthily. The good news is that although staying healthy while exploring your dream travel destinations is challenging, it is still possible. It just takes a conscious effort. Here are some fitness tips you can take to help you stay in shape while traveling:

  • Be watchful about what you eat

Healthy eating and nutrition play a vital role in your fitness journey. According to nutritionist and CNN contributor Lisa Drayer, diet is far more important than exercise. “Basically, what I always tell people is, what you omit from your diet is so much more important than how much you exercise,” she said.

In a study on the Energy Requirement of Adults mentioned by Alexxai Kravitz, an investigator at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, he explained that roughly, you lose 10-30% of calories through physical activity.

“The average person—professional athletes excluded—burns 5% to 15% of their daily calories through exercise,” he stated. “It’s not nothing, but it’s not nearly equal to food intake, which accounts for 100 percent of the energy intake of the body.”

Eating healthily at all times while you are on the road is understandably impossible. After all, treating yourself to cheat meals and making sure that you get a taste of various local dishes and delicacies is an essential part of your journey. What you can do to stay healthy is to keep watch on your diet and food intake. 

Fill up on vegetables and fruits and never eat unhealthy meals twice in a row. If you can, you may consider doing your research ahead of time on restaurants that offer nutritious meals.

  • Walk as much as you can

The best way to explore cities and neighborhoods is by foot. That lets you discover more and see different attractions and other hidden places better. Best of all, you wouldn’t feel and realize that walking while traveling is exercise since you are enjoying it! Just make sure to install a map app on your phone for your convenience. Also, instead of riding elevators or escalators, you can take the stairs as much as you can.

  • Stay hydrated

Traveling can be exhausting, especially during hot summers. To stay cool, replenish your electrolytes, and flush toxins from your body, drink lots of water and stay hydrated as much as possible. In addition, try to stay away from unhealthy beverages, such as sodas, alcohol, and sugary drinks. 


Maintaining a healthy diet and sticking to a consistent workout routine is no easy feat while traveling. However, with discipline and commitment, it is possible to stay in shape no matter where you are in the world.

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