Wellness Facts: Decoding the Surprising Secrets of Vitamin D


Although technically labeled as a vitamin, vitamin D is more of a hormone that’s actively produced by our bodies. It’s possible to “get” vitamin D from food through a process involving different organs and sunlight to produce this special hormone. In today’s health-conscious generation, vitamin D can have some surprising benefits beyond its ability to qualify as both a vitamin and a hormone.

What’s the Secret of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D has been a popular ingredient in many food supplements. It’s a fat-soluble nutrient found in some foods like milk, salmon, and processed dietary supplements. Since it’s a naturally occurring vitamin in our body, you can make it yourself with the help of sunlight. This gives it the unique nickname of the sunshine vitamin.

Besides its infamous ability to strengthen bones, vitamin D can also prevent different medical conditions. This includes protection from heart diseases, obesity, and even depression.

In this article, we’ll share three surprising secret advantages of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Reinforces Your Immune System

Vitamin D contributes to supporting essential cells in the immune system. Although scientists are still baffled by the exact process of vitamin D’s impact, there are notable links that vitamin D increases the production of cathelicidin. It’s an immune system protein that fights outside intruders like viruses and bacteria.

Besides promoting the development of self-defense proteins, vitamin D also regulates the production of cells that produce inflammation. This can be increasingly helpful when your antibodies mistake themselves as a virus due to an autoimmune disease. With COVID-19 being a cause for infections and compromised immune systems, increasing vitamin D intake can be an extra layer of defense against the virus.

Vitamin D is Great for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women need extra helpings of vitamins and minerals while their body houses the growth of a fetus. Vitamin D supplementation is an excellent way to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, low birth weight, and even severe postpartum hemorrhage. These benefits come from vitamin D’s positive effects, like regulating inflammation to reinforcing immune systems.

Vitamin D Can Aid in Fighting Cancer

Although it can sound like a stretch, vitamin D has been noted in animal studies to inhibit cancer formation. While the research in humans is still limited, it’s an exciting development of how the body’s natural processes can prevent the spread of cancer and tumors.

Clinical trials show that low vitamin D levels are generally connected to the development of different forms of cancer. This applies to prostate, colorectal, and even breast cancer. These studies are far from outdated hypotheses. A recent study in 2019 from the Annals of Oncology noted ten randomized clinical trials across 5,000 cancer cases showed proof of reduced cancer mortality rates due to vitamin D. This just proves that vitamin D is an instrumental component of our body’s self-defense system.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers are becoming more conscious about what vitamins and minerals can improve their general well-being. Since the staggering number of cases continues to rise globally, it’s vital to keep your mind and body healthy even amidst the chaos. Unfortunately, the internet can be a cesspool of negativity and misinformation, which does more harm than good. This is why you need to know how to navigate these spaces and find environments that can give you positive vibes and meaningful content.

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