Weed and Weight Loss: Does It Actually Help You Lose Weight?


Whether you smoke weed or not, you may have heard about the munchies at a certain point.  Essentially, the munchies are the feeling of hunger that follows after smoking weed. This might lead you to believe that if you smoke weed often, you eat more and gain weight faster. However, there are some weed users out there that say otherwise. They claim that weed has helped them eat less and lose weight. 

Does weed help you lose weight?

When it comes to losing weight with weed, things get a little grey. There is not much research that solidifies this claim, and many just simply correlate weed with loss of weight. This debate started back in 2011 with an article published by the American Journal of Epidemiology. This article states that those who do not use weed have higher rates of obesity compared to those who did use weed. Other studies also had similar conclusions, although there was no concrete proof that weed itself is the main factor.

More often than not, any research relating to weed and weight loss is simply the correlation of the two. There is not much evidence to prove that weed itself is an effective way to lose weight. It should not be your go-to solution either, as weed has cons that can affect your health negatively.

What are the possible reasons weed can improve the loss of weight?

Although the reasoning behind weed and weight loss is a bit cloudy, there have been some theories created that can prove this point. 

For example, many believe that weed helps with weight loss because it allows the user to move better. Individuals with joint problems and pain can move more quickly with marijuana, causing them to become more active and lose weight in the process. Some other people also believe that weed helps individuals drink less alcohol, which means fewer calories are absorbed into the body.

There are a few other reasons people believe weed helps with weight loss. For instance, weed is known to improve sleep, and as most of us know, poor sleep leads to weight gain. Sleeping better certainly eliminates that as a cause of weight gain or weight loss difficulty.

Also, weed lowers stress, which can cause people to overeat. If you are the type to eat on a whim when you are stressed out, then weed might help you lose weight.


There are certainly better alternatives than smoking this plant. Other things like improving sleep, changing eating habits, exercising more, and sleeping early are excellent tips to help you lose weight and increase your overall quality of life. Such tips will improve your health in the long run, allowing you to feel much more satisfied in life and happier. 

Sure, if you are already using weed, then you can continue using it. However, we do not recommend doing it solely for weight-loss. With all the potential for greater bouts of hunger and lethargy, it can prove pointless as a weight loss endeavor.

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