The Latest Tips For a Healthy Night’s Sleep


TheSkinny: When it comes to the ever-important topic of sleep, we are not apologizing for covering it more often than others. From why sleep trackers are useless to the famous Goku sleep spa, which has perfected the art of head massage for sleeping…we are in #alwayslearning mode when it comes to effective Zzzzs. So, as of today, these are the hottest sleep how-tos and tips that we’re cozying up to this week.

Polyphasic sleep: Recently, the concept of sleeping in multiple short bursts (polyphasic) as opposed to once, at night (monophasic), has gained attention among those trying to maximize productive hours in a day. TIME investigates whether this trend—the basis of which is that all sleep phases aside from REM are not necessary—is safe. According to experts in the story, it is not. But read on to understand why according to the director of the University of California Los Angeles Sleep Disorders Center.
Try this: Or at least, find some tips. SELF talked to 39 women who are “morning people,” about their nighttime routines. While impressed (read: slightly skeptical) by the amount of PR professionals referenced that have managed to avoid emailing deep into the witching hour, we personally prefer staying up a bit later. But no matter where you stand on the spectrum, this is definitely worth a read for ideas about “nightly routines that make early mornings possible.”

Don’t do this: We learned a couple things from reading these 11 habits that secretly sabotage your sleep. Such as: Breaking from conventional wisdom, which dictates going to bed and waking up at the same time (instead, only go to sleep when you’re actually tired), and not obsessing over getting the “recommended eight hours.”

But meditate on this: Yes, we know meditating is not for everyone; which is 100% understandable. However, if you are meditation-friendly, this author has reviewed multiple guided meditations for sleep and lays out the top 20. (One of us at TheSkinny listens to Jason Stephenson every night and would highly recommend!). You’ll also learn the common causes for insomnia and gain a better understanding of how finding the right mediation for you can help.

Finally, how much do you need? Yes, there’s a calculator for that.

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