Quick Swaps You Can Make to Be Healthier in 2022

Green tea and powder

It’s no secret that adopting a new diet is challenging, especially when you have to give your entire diet an overhaul and you need to say goodbye to all the food that you’ve been eating for years. 

But the thing is, you might not have to make such a drastic change all at once. In this post, The Skinny shares a few swaps that you can make to make your diet a whole lot healthier:

Swap Refined Grains for Whole Grains

Refined grains are bad news for your health. They are often stripped of all their beneficial nutrients and are filled with harmful additives. In fact, most refined grains these days also contain gluten, which is not great news for people with celiac disease.

So if you want to improve your health, you should make the switch to whole grains, which are much more nutritious and contain some essential nutrients.

Swap Salt for Herbs and Spices

Do you know that a large amount of salt that you add to your meals can contribute to high blood pressure and other heart problems? It’s true, and salt can also lead to water retention. Salt is one of the main reasons that people suffer from water retention.

Instead, try using herbs and spices to season your foods. They have so many benefits, and they can add a lot of flavor to your meals.

Swap Processed Meats for Organic and Lean Meats or Plant-Based Protein

If you love meat, you might want to get organic meat instead. It is more expensive, but it is a lot healthier. Also, it is best to eat fish or plant-based protein instead of meat. You can try to eat more beans or tofu, for example.

Swap Milk Chocolate for Dark Chocolate

Milk chocolate is great because it makes you feel happy, but it doesn’t offer very much in terms of nutrition. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, is full of antioxidants and has many healthy ingredients. It also has less sugar, so it is much better for you.

Swap Farmed Atlantic Salmon for Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon

You probably already know that farmed fish is not as healthy as wild-caught fish. Farmed fish often contain high levels of unhealthy fat, and the fish are often given antibiotics and other harmful chemicals to keep them alive.

If you want to eat fish, go for wild-caught Alaskan salmon, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Swap Soda for Green Tea

Do you want to drink soda but want to know if there’s a healthier option available? The answer is yes, and that option is green tea. Green tea has much less sugar than soda, and it has a lot of antioxidants and other healthy ingredients. It also comes in many different flavors, so you can still enjoy drinking something sweet.


As you can see, healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to give up all the food that you love. You can make healthier choices that still allow you to enjoy your favorite treats. And remember, eating healthier doesn’t have to be a big deal. It’s not a race, and you don’t have to be perfect. It’s about making small changes that help you live a healthy lifestyle long-term. Hopefully, these recommendations from The Skinny help you get a step closer to a healthier you.

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