How to Manage Your Diabetes Amid the Pandemic – Part 2

managing diabetes

In the first part of this article, we discussed three tips on how you can manage your diabetes amid the pandemic, including getting the necessary tests and screenings and getting checked by your dentist. 

In continuation, The Skinny, your source for reliable free health care news, offers three more tips that could help managing diabetes easier amidst the treat of the COVID-19 virus:

Do Regular Foot Checks

Do you remember the last routine checkup you had with your physician? They probably thoroughly checked your feet. They do that because people with diabetes usually suffer from nerve damage, and the damage manifests in the legs and feet. 

Always check your feet for sores, numbness, and tingling. Also, see if you have any blisters or cuts that you may not notice due to nerve damage. For people with diabetes, even a tiny wound can get worse fast. They have trouble healing because of the neuropathy, and if the infection becomes too severe, it could lead to amputation. 

It is good practice to do daily inspections of your feet. Wash them thoroughly and feel every part to ensure that there are no numb or wounded parts. On top of that, check for any cuts or blisters that are not healing as fast as usual or skin that is turning green or black. If you notice any of these, make sure that you call your doctor so that they can check it immediately!

Find Out If You Need a Dilated Eye Test

Another preventive measure that you can take is to have your eye examined while dilated. This is one of the most critical tests for people who have diabetes because high blood sugar can cause diabetic retinopathy along with other damages to the blood vessels. Diabetic retinopathy may not show any symptoms at its early stages, but it’s still dangerous because it can lead to vision loss. 

By doing a dilated eye test, the doctor can better determine if there are signs of diabetic retinopathy like small hemorrhages and abnormal blood vessel growth in the retina. Remember that early detection is the key to saving the vision of people with diabetes. 

Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19 ASAP

As the CDC maintains the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, many doctors recommend their patients with diabetes to get vaccinated as soon as possible. It is because people with underlying conditions like diabetes are at a higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms if they get infected. When you get vaccinated, you are lessening the risk of getting the virus and developing life-threatening complications from it. 

There are currently three vaccines authorized for circulation in the US––Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine, and the Moderna vaccine. These vaccines have been thoroughly evaluated during clinical trials and were tested on thousands of patients. 


The pandemic has undoubtedly been so hard on everybody, but more so for people dealing with a chronic condition like diabetes. But as long as you follow health protocols and the tips mentioned in this article, managing your diabetes during these challenging times should be doable. Having diabetes means long-term management plans, and it’s all about keeping complications at bay and ensuring that your blood sugar does not reach dangerous levels. 

The pandemic has been going on for over a year, and it’s still not showing signs of slowing down. So, it’s best that you always stay on top of the latest healthcare news and, more importantly, that you do what you can to manage your diabetes! 

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