How to Have a Smoother Start with Your Exercise Journey


Anyone who wants to feel better about themselves or to feel happy in general should exercise. When a person exercises, their body releases endorphins, dopamine, and other feel-good hormones, making one feel positive, happy, capable, and less stressed. These chemicals also dull feelings of physical pain and anxiety.

Despite the many convincing points and health benefits, incorporating it into your lifestyle is not as easy as people wish it to be, especially during trying times. Amidst the pandemic, doing something new can be challenging. 

Furthermore, working out can even be a source of negative emotions in and of itself for some people. If you can relate to these reasons, here are some reminders you should focus on instead:

1: Getting Fit Is for Everyone

People feel discouraged about exercising because the way the media presents it is often unwelcoming to people of varied body types, but luckily this is changing. Many athleisurewear brands now give equal representation to people of all backgrounds and sizes. 

Fitness activities are no longer limited to weights and training either. There are fun exercises, like Zumba, yoga, pound classes, and so on. It can give people more chances to enjoy the pursuit of fitness.

For those still conscious of exercising in front of other people, there are online options available to cater to your needs. Find online fitness classes and book one-on-one online fitness sessions to help you jumpstart your fitness journey even when stuck inside the house. 

2: You Work Hard for You

People have opinions no matter what you do, and they can sometimes be discouraging. However, if you focus on other people and their unsolicited opinions, you will never reach your goals—whether in exercise or other personal ventures.  

Instead of thinking about them, think of yourself. Remember how your goals could help you, and never forget that you are undergoing this journey for your physical and mental state. Keep in mind that you are not sweating for other people; their opinions do not matter. All the hard work you do would benefit you alone, and that is more important.  

3: You Can Enjoy It

When people talk about a workout, you might think about whether you can do them or not. Consider rephrasing this thought in your mind. As previously mentioned, there are now several ways you can enjoy exercise. If you love dancing, enroll in a dance class and start dancing your heart out. If you are not fond of high-intensity exercise, perhaps going for a swim or running would be perfect. Keep searching for the appropriate activity for you. 


Remember that no one is in control of your life but you. Start your fitness journey only if you feel that it is the right moment for you. You would know you are physically and mentally ready and fully committed. Once you decide to change your life, whether in fitness or other aspects, believe, and you can do it. 

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