How to Commit to Your Fitness Goals This 2021 – Our Guide

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Everyone can agree that 2020 wasn’t the best year for any of us. More than half of the year was spent dealing with the challenges of COVID-19. Because of this, many of us are hopeful that we’ll have a more positive year ahead. Although you can wish all your lucky stars that the new year gives you a magical amount of motivation, most of the work still depends on you.

The right way to deal with new year’s resolutions

People tend to romanticize the idea of the new year, thinking that the start of the year will be a clean slate. Although it’s a new year, that doesn’t mean that you’ll instantly be more capable of committing to your fitness goals. To start the year right, you have to work towards it bit by bit. Once you start developing habits that can improve your sense of self, it’ll be easier to adopt better lifestyle choices.

If you finally want to commit to your fitness goals this year, follow these three new year’s resolution hacks:

1. Start your mornings right

Since many people are starting their days with the revised version of university and workplace setups, many people are still stuck in the limbo of being indoors. This gives people the option of looking stressed and unkempt for most of the pandemic. Nevertheless, there are still ways to spice up your mornings to get you motivated for the rest of the day.

With the extra time you have, it’s time to do more to get you in a productive mood. Start with your morning routine, get a healthy breakfast, and wear your favorite outfit even if no one will see it. Beginning your day is a lot about looking and feeling like a boss.

2. Cut back on junk

Eating junk feels like a much easier option because of the quarantine’s restrictions on eating in public. People are more likely to eat processed food for the convenience it brings since people are stuck with limited options. This 2021, it’s your opportunity to cut down on those calories to start buying healthier goods.

Instead of clearing out your entire food stash, try to set a goal for each week. Try to do one less of one thing and add one more of another. For example, you can cut down on sugar for one week and incorporate more greens simultaneously. Try mixing things up until you can slowly clear off all the unhealthy products on your food shelves.

3. Commit to your exercise habit

Many people experienced a different kind of morning when the global pandemic started. Instead of long hours in traffic for a commute, people get to have an extra hour of sleep to prepare for work by opening their computer screens. Although it may feel like heaven to avoid the hassles of commuting, it also puts your body at risk of prolonged idleness.

Those morning walks and drives to the office contribute to stimulating your bones and muscles. Living on an extended vacation does no good for everyone. This year, it’s your chance to bring your body back to good shape bit by bit. Start going on light jogs (safely of course), purchase the basic gear for your home-based gym setup. Add something new every day that can be fresh and exciting for your fitness routine.


Instead of looking at the new year as a great start, you should envision it as a continuous commitment. Although it’s helpful to set clear objectives, it’s even better to commit to your healthy routines. Avoid giving yourself a harsh deadline and focus on your progress instead of the goal. The key to staying healthy is seeing your fitness goals as an unintended result of what truly matters: being better today than who you were yesterday.

Staying healthy isn’t a competition, which is why you need to find the right routine that fits your preferences. At The Skinny, we provide the best solutions that will cater to your fitness goals!

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