Expert Reviewers Swear By These New AHA Deodorant Serums

TheSkinny: If, like us, you thought an aluminium-free deodorant could never quite stand up to its counterparts, prepare to be surprised. Or even…shocked by the slew of raving beauty editor reviews for the latest Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) deodorants. And when two of our favorite beauty brands, Kosas and Nécessaire (we’d highly recommend the former for its groundbreaking tinted face oil, and the latter for “The Body Wash”) launched AHA deodorants—we were extra intrigued. The idea behind these launches is that the creators have drawn from skin care knowledge with the idea of “treating your body like your face.” And AHA is a common skin care ingredient, due in part to its ability to soften and refine skin.

Skin care gets technical fast, but the short story—per dermatologists—is: These acids work to lower your skin’s pH, which creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria. In short, they can stop odor-causing bacteria from forming in the first place.

Editors from Byrdie to Purewow and many others have personally tried and endorsed several of these products, saying they do in fact work (meaning: combat stink.) But it is important to note that they are not antiperspirants. Also importantly, most reviewers said they left no “white gunk,” on underarms or streaks on clothes, and no yellow stains on white shirts. We know, it seems too good to be true. Read the reviews yourself, here!

Finally, a hot tip: Even with NYC in the 80s/90s this week with a dew point inching up to past 70, we are still trying to walk as much as possible. However, with heat and friction comes…chafing and “fire thighs.” After talking to a couple friends, it seems that we are the only ones who didn’t know that a swipe of deodorant on your inner thighs is all you need for prevention. Others disagree, and The Strategist has laid out all the best options from bands to balms. But if you’re already chafed and are looking to treat mild, or more severe cases (we’re talking “bacterial colonization”), Allure’s advice from dermatologists will help return your thighs to their former chafe-free self.

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