Developing Healthy Habits: The Secret to Losing Weight

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Complicated weight loss exercises and a strict diet are reasons many people think that losing weight is overwhelming. Your journey of losing 30 pounds can feel like it will take ages to do with all the preparations you have to adjust to. Since not everyone can afford a fitness expert and nutritionist, it can be challenging to do all these complex and calculated steps by yourself. However, there’s an even easier way to lose weight without being too precise about your diet and wellness routines.

The art of losing weight without “losing weight”

Contrary to popular belief, a weight loss program will only help you in small bursts. This is why people who commit themselves to a demanding regimen get substantial yet short-lived results. The real way to lose weight is by not losing weight at all. By this, we mean that the best way to get slimmer is by developing passive routines and habits. 

Committing to small yet significant changes to your lifestyle is an excellent method of losing weight without “losing weight” in the traditional sense. Small adjustments like staying hydrated, avoiding high-calorie food, and maintaining light yet efficient workouts will give you better results in no time.

If you want to take a step towards losing weight without any difficulties, here are three healthy habits you should develop:

Stay hydrated

The daily prescription of 8-12 glasses of water can seem silly and obvious. Our bodies need to replenish their water reserves, which is normal since we’re mostly made of water. However, drinking water does more than keep you from being thirsty; it also fights off hunger and misplaced cravings. The next time you feel like grabbing a bite to eat, drink a glass of water to avoid having more than the necessary amount of meals a day. Keeping a 16- or 32-ounce tumbler will keep you from buying water when you’re outdoors.

Cleanse your pantry

Some people receive slow-acting effects on their workout routine because they still eat the same junk. Sugary treats like soda and salty chips are the main causes of your high-calorie count. Besides these food items, you should be cautious about products that brand themselves as “low-calorie” or “diet” variants of your favorite snacks. Although these food items may let go of natural sugars, it will usually contain more artificial ingredients that can harm your body.

Replace all this junk food in your pantry with healthier alternatives like fruits and vegetables. Thankfully, the myth of bland-tasting greens is no longer true with today’s accessibility to many tasty recipes online.

Take progress photos

A considerable part of losing weight is your mentality. Monitor your progress by taking pictures of yourself in the mirror, from the front, sides, and back once every 7 days. These pictures are for your viewing only, so don’t be shy to look as true as you can. You should also measure your weight since it may sometimes not match with how your physique looks. Eventually, you’ll start seeing small yet progressive steps toward losing weight while feeling like you didn’t do anything at all.


No one’s saying that losing weight is easy. In fact, even the small habits above can be challenging for most people to do. Nevertheless, you won’t get to achieve any progress if you’re afraid to take baby steps. Developing healthier habits will get you a few steps forward to your fitness goals. Doing these small adjustments to your lifestyle will prepare you to make more demanding weight loss practices like regularly working out and maintaining a stricter diet.

Staying healthy is all about being comfortable with your body, which is why you need to know how to take care of it beyond diets and exercise. The developments on modern health habit trends will vary in their effects on different people, so it’s best to find one that works well for you. Subscribe to our online newsletter at The Skinny to receive informational content on the latest in health news today!

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