Canned Biscuits, Dragon Bowls and Banana Sushi

TheSkinny: We’re covering Dragon Bowls (similar to the above photo), biscuit tubes, and recipes to make with your kids this week.
First step: Buy the canned biscuits. Curious which brand is the best? The Kitchn tried nearly a dozen, and this one was the biscuits-down winner thanks to a buttery flavor, nice layered texture, and ability to brown nicely (and evenly). And we also love that they had the smallest ingredient list of the testing set.

Next, the recipes: This article from Taste of Home is pretty extra in its biscuitliciousness, with 50 (yes, 50) recipes to peruse and every course covered: Breakfast (sausage egg cups); appetizers (Buffalo chicken pockets, spinach dip pull-aparts); dinner (chicken biscuit bake with broccoli, Mexican bubble pizza); and dessert (pull-apart monkey bread with berries, cream cheese and basil, mini Nutella donuts).

Consider a Dragon Bowl this week, as a balance to all the comfort food options above. Dragon Bowls are akin to Buddha Bowls—and the one-bowl joy of either lies in their nutritious simplicity (pick your pleasure from the ingredient categories: protein, vegetables, grains, sauce, “extras”). For its versatility, style and yummy-looking sauce, we’re recommending this dragon bowl recipe from The Blenderist. You can further explore the “fascinating world of one-bowl meals” here.

Family recipes to make together: You don’t have to be the only one stuck in the kitchen as a short order cook: Get the kids on the line with you. They won’t mind, especially when it’s banana sushi, two-topping vegetable sandwiches, or yogurt unicorn bites.

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