Getting Back Into Fitness: What to Do After a Long Break

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People who work out regularly may sometimes have to take a break due to various reasons, such as going on vacation abroad, dealing with a long-term project, or facing a serious health concern. Whatever the case may be, it is often a struggle for anyone to resume their fitness training after spending some time without doing any physical exercise.

While it is indeed challenging to will yourself to resume where you left off, it isn’t impossible to get back into your fitness routine again. Keep reading below to find out some essential fitness tips to help change your mindset and get you back on the grind.

Take the Time to Plan Out Your Routine

Besides starting anything else, you should develop a firm plan to approach your fitness regimen. Since there are plenty of ways to get fit, it all comes down to what you want to do and how your routine will look this time around. Whether you want to lose weight, become stronger, or train to be faster, you have to decide what exactly you want to target.

Moreover, you shouldn’t rush things since you’re only starting again and slowly easing yourself to refocus on your health and wellness. The best thing to do is begin small to avoid overwhelming yourself. Rather than forcing yourself to do the exercises that you used to do, what matters is focusing on right now and start moving!

Learn to Outline Your New Fitness Goals

Part of developing a new fitness regimen is creating modified objectives that you know you can achieve within a specific timeframe. Breaking personal records may not be the best thing to focus on right now, especially since it’s been a while since you last stuck to a fitness routine!

In addition, the goals you set should follow the SMART method—Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Sensitive. That way, you know you can achieve them without struggling too much to force the impossible given your current state.

It could be as simple as accomplishing a 5K run, learning how to do a proper deadlift, taking dance classes, or figuring out how to do a criss-cross on the jump rope. There are plenty of fun and exciting activities to do and focus on; all it takes is knowing what you want and how your body is prepared to take it.

Create a Realistic Schedule to Get Started

After developing a plan and outlining your fitness objectives, you can move forward to forming a schedule of your new and improved workout routine. Rather than try to recall how often you used to exercise, it will be best to stick to what you think you can do for now.

If you’ve been away for a while and you believe you can only dedicate your free time to working out once a week, then that’s completely fine! You are in no rush to start hitting the gym five times a week just because you missed out on so much.

What’s important is you’re finally deciding to start focusing on moving your body again, even if it means having slow progress. In the long run, you can start adding more days in a week dedicated to working out. Once you witness the results, you can adjust your schedule accordingly.


Besides focusing on creating a new fitness routine, you should never forget to commit to healthy eating and nutrition because it’s a vital part of gaining the results you want. Remember that you should never rush to get right back to your routine if you’ve been gone for a while. Instead, you should plan out your training, outline your fitness goals, and create a realistic schedule that meets your needs.

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