4 Food Items That Can Enhance Your Brain Power!

coffee and chocolate

There are plenty of foods out there that are incredibly healthy for your body, most notably fruits and vegetables. However, there are some specific food items that do not only fuel the body but enhance the health of your brain.

When we think about brain-boosting foods, there are a few that may come to mind. Oily fish such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon are well known to be great for cognitive health, thanks to the omega-3 oil that they contain. That being said, there are plenty of other healthy brain foods you can enjoy, and in this article, we will list them one by one!

1. Chocolates

For all chocolate lovers out there, you do not have to feel too guilty eating chocolates anymore, especially if you love eating dark chocolate. This is because cocoa contains flavanols, an antioxidant that can protect the brain. Flavanols have been linked to better memory, increased blood flow, and more, all of which are beneficial to the brain. Keep in mind, however, that this is more apparent with dark chocolates. That is because they contain a lot more cocoa than milk chocolate, meaning Kit Kats won’t do!

2. Cheese

Cheese—in particular, the artisan-made varieties—has been seen to be associated with those of higher socioeconomic status. It has also been associated with better cognitive performance, more so the ability to use information differently. There can be many reasons for this, but one in particular is that certain cheese contain nutrients such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), known to help control weight and reduce inflammation. This food also contains components that help regulate fats such as omega-3 fatty acids, which, as we know, is linked to brain health. Keep in mind that there is no proof that cheese is the direct cause of better cognitive performance, but plenty of people with good brain health love cheese, so it doesn’t hurt to indulge in some rich, cheesy goodness every so often!

3. Lamb

Lamb has been linked with better thinking ability, particularly for those who eat lamb every week. To add to this, lamb packs plenty of protein, which will keep you fueled and satiated. Plus, lamb is not generally industrial meat like chicken, meaning there is much less likely that the lamb you are eating is filled with all sorts of chemicals. Lamb is often pasture-raised with minimal industrial practices, retaining its nutrients without the addition of too many chemicals. Keep in mind, however, that you must eat this only in moderation. Too much protein—or anything, for that matter—is not healthy.

4. Alcohol

It may surprise you to know that alcohol is good for you. The catch here is that you must only drink it in moderation. According to studies, those who drank alcohol, particularly from wine, enjoyed plenty of antioxidants that have improved their cognitive ability. However, we are saying this not to get non-drink to start drinking. This is because overdrinking is easy to do, turning benefits into risks!


All of the above food items have been linked by science in the enhancement of the brain. Some offer benefits to strengthen the brain’s health, and others improve its performance. Regardless, the most important thing you must always keep in mind whether you are drinking wine or eating cheese in moderation. Too much of anything is harmful, turning benefits into dangerous risks. For that reason, it pays to do a bit of research to understand how much you can eat to maximize the benefits without facing the risks. While this is effortful to start off, once you get the hang of it, eating healthy will become second-nature!

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