4 Easy Ways to Squeeze in Exercise in Your Daily Routine

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There are only so many hours of the day. How do you find the time to work out amid doing your job, spending time with family, and hanging out with friends?

It can genuinely be a bummer to feel like you’re slipping and making excuses when you are unable to exercise. However, you don’t need to make a full-blown workout routine that’s two hours long. It is enough to take advantage of the few free minutes you get throughout the day. Use that time to focus on your fitness and get back on your feet. 

Don’t chalk up exercising into an impossibility. Here are a few simple ways you can include a little physical activity in your regular daily routine. 

Don’t Stay Immobile

It’s not healthy to stay at the desk all day. When you find the opportunity to move, do so. Run to the store instead of getting a delivery. Walk instead of waiting for the escalator to move. Stroll during your break time. Stretch when you’re stiff. Go down the stairs. 

Doing all these mundane actions every day in repetition can help you break a sweat. Consider it all as a temporary replacement for exercise until you find the time to fully immerse yourself in it without distractions.

Constantly moving is an exercise in itself, too, though, because you keep your body mobile and up. Plus, you’ll become a wizard at spotting the few free seconds you’re getting throughout the day.

Move Simultaneously 

Another alternative way of sneaking some exercise into your everyday life is to multitask. If you find that you can do a task while exercising without any equipment, give it a try. Hands-free routines such as lunges and squats could quickly be done while watching a television show or during a call with a loved one. 

Some have even made life hacks that allow you to exercise in the comfort of your work cubicle or while you’re on your way home. Every step and effort counts, especially if you have a hectic schedule. 

Create a Personal Gym

During the weekend, you can find a few ways to create a makeshift gym in your home. You can go and splurge on any equipment as an investment, but it’s also easy to find everyday objects and turn them into your weights, like filled-up water jugs. 

With a home gym, you get to save some time from traveling, and you can work out without any judgment in the air. Popping in that room for at least half an hour can already make a huge difference rather than sitting down with your phone.

Wake Up a Little Earlier

Perhaps your problem is that there are simply not enough hours in your daily routine for you to even squeeze in exercise. If that’s the case, maybe you can set an alarm and wake up earlier so you can earn an extra hour or two?

Obviously, you shouldn’t compromise your sleep schedule. However, making the adjustment of going to bed earlier means you lessen your screen time at night while opening the opportunity for a morning jog.


Time management isn’t the easiest to manage, but you always have to start somewhere to get to your goal. Couple these small physical exercises with a better diet plan, and you’ll find that you’re as healthy as ever. 

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