4 Different Ways Millennials Are Healthier Than Perceived


There are many misconceptions about millennials. More often than not, millennials are painted as entitled teenagers who spend too much time on social media, when in reality they are likely to be disgruntled 30-somethings with too much on their minds.

One such misconception about millennials is that they are not concerned about health and wellness. In reality, they are concerned about their health in vastly different ways. While previous generations might be more comfortable visiting their doctor, millennials, on the other hand, prefer to prevent that meeting as much as they can by practicing the healthiest habits they can afford. This is, in part, because of the skyrocketing costs of healthcare everyone is now facing. 

If you still have trouble believing that millennials are concerned about their health, read on. We are going to talk about four different ways millennials manage their health. With no further ado, here they are:

1. They understand the value of work-life balance

Gone are the days when work-life balance was a dream only for those close to retirement. Nowadays, nearly half of all millennials expressed their desire to maintain work-life balance for better mental health. This beats out their predecessors in Gen X by up to 10%.

2. They consult nutritionists

Over 65% of adults born after 1978 consult nutritionists, dieticians, or trainers about their food. This includes the youngest of Gen X and many nearly all millennials. Many nutritionists claim that there are now far more of them in practice than ever before, with the demand for their work at an all-time high.

3. They eat more plants and less meat

Look around at the restaurants and food delivery services in your area. Chances are that you’ve noticed that vegan offerings have grown significantly! More and more millennials are concerned about their consumption of meat and healthy foods than ever before, increasing both the demand and supply of vegan options all across the market—in what is perhaps the most surprising trend in healthcare news.

It does not even stop at veganism. There are many new diets, such as flexitarian diets, which focus on the consumption of more plant-based foods as opposed to meat.

4. They read more books

There have been plenty of ridiculous editorial cartoons mocking millennials for being unable to read from being exposed so much on phones, but in reality, millennials are out-reading older generations. That means their intellectual and mental health is, on average, better-maintained than that of Gen X and the Baby Boomers.

5. They smoke less

To the joy of the healthcare industry, nearly 83% of millennials disapprove of cigarette smoking. This is compared to the previous generation, who reported a 69% disapproval rating when they were surveyed at the same age. Overall, this has resulted in positive healthcare news, with the widespread occurrence of lung disease and cancer related to smoking going down steadily over the last few decades. 

Final thoughts

There have been many assumptions made of millennials in their almost four decades of existence—many of them, quite wrong. The statistics in healthcare news are showing more and more that millennials are more concerned about their health than past generations in a more complete way. They do not just take into account their physical health, but their mental and emotional health as well. 

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