4 Best Strains to Improve Mental Wellness

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The world seems to move constantly at breakneck speed, which leaves most of us feeling exhausted and burnt out. In fact, it’s becoming rare these days to find someone who doesn’t have a hectic schedule. Always being on the move is the quickest way to wear out our mind and body, which can lead to serious health issues.

Burnout is so common that more and more discussions of mental health are proliferating conversations, both online and offline. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to improve our mental wellness and emotional well-being, and these four cannabis strains are a few of them:

Girl Scout Cookies (But for Adults)

This particular cannabis strain is inspired by the treat we all know and love so well. It’s richly aromatic as a result of careful breeding between Durban Poison and OG Kush, providing an ideal balance for achieving mental wellness. It’s made of 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa, which will calm you down enough without knocking you out.

In fact, Girl Scout Cookies provide a comforting high that will allow you to properly function throughout the day without falling asleep. You’ll feel relaxed but alert enough to complete all your daily activities.

Pennywise (Not the Clown!)

If you struggle with mood imbalances, then the Pennywise strain may be for you. This is a strain that’s indica dominant, which helps you manage your mood in a healthy and balanced manner. It even has a one-to-one THC to CBD ratio, giving you that stability you’ve been craving.

The strain has flavors that are reminiscent of coffee and bubblegum, along with notes of herbs, lemon, and spice. While this may be a strange concoction of tastes, it culminates in a tangy sensation that’ll send goosebumps throughout your body.

Lemon Skunk (Without the Funk)

If you’re hesitant to try prescription drugs to alleviate your anxiety, especially for its many side-effects, then you may want to try Lemon Skunk. It’s a popular cannabis strain that’s widely used among medical patients for its wonderful capability of lulling anxiety. Although it’s a potent strain with THC levels up to 22 percent, it bears positive effects, especially on those who suffer from social anxiety.

If you’re struggling with day-to-day productivity because of the weight of your stress, Lemon Skunk will help you focus and function. It’s also great at managing daily stress.

Northern Lights (Even in Your Mind)

Maybe it’s been your lifelong dream to see the northern lights. This elusive yet magnificent phenomenon is truly a sight to behold, and often a once in a lifetime opportunity—especially if you don’t live far up north!

The dreamy feelings invoked by seeing the northern lights can be rare to replicate, but not with the cannabis strain. It was designed to elicit similar serene emotions that are felt when viewing its namesake.

Northern Lights is a powerful indica strain that helps you relax and feel at peace, which is great for those who have trouble falling asleep. Although you may not see the aurora lights in real life, this strain will help you feel calm enough to see it in your mind well until you fall asleep.


In order to keep up with our busy lives, we need to take care of our mental health and emotional well-being. That means taking time to destress and hit the reset button in order for our bodies to recharge. With the help of these four cannabis strains, you’ll find yourself more relaxed, feeling more positive, and ready to take on your tasks!

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