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Regulating blood pressure is one of the more important factors when keeping track of health. A sudden increase in blood pressure can be a bad thing, pointing to a multitude of deadly health conditions, such as hypertension, if not resolved. By finding methods to lower blood pressure, more serious results such as cardiac arrest or a stroke can be averted. 

One of the most common ways to reduce the risks of hypertension is by taking maintenance medicine. While definitely effective, these can rack up quite a lot of costs, but certain practices can lower your blood pressure even without taking numerous pills.

To help you with your chronic high blood pressure, here are three fitness tips to keep your BP on the lower end.

Improve your diet

One of the biggest factors that can affect your blood pressure is your diet. Changing what you eat is definitely one of the easier things you can do to achieve your fitness goals and to help maintain your health in general.

Processed food products are some of the biggest contributors to excess fat and heart disease—which is why avoiding them is necessary. Aside from that, the intake of increasingly salty food can also be a major factor to increase your blood pressure. Sodium, while necessary to live, leads to holding in more fluids, thus causing volume changes inside the blood vessels—possibly ending with increased blood pressure.

Instead, an increased intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes will do you good. Through this, you won’t just lower your blood pressure naturally, but you’ll also be able to lose weight as well.

Maintain regular exercise schedules

The focal point of fighting hypertension and increased blood pressure lies in weight loss—which regular exercise can greatly aid in. Having a regular exercise schedule can promote weight loss and healthy blood flow, which greatly helps your heart in the long run. Although an increase in blood pressure is expected at the beginning, this helps your heart be able to regular your blood flow when you’re resting.

While working out your muscles are one approach, it is notably much better to prioritize cardio over muscle toning. By improving your blood circulation and breathing, you get to manage your own brief increases in blood pressure more efficiently, thus granting you a great skill to stave off worse spikes in pressure.

Limit alcohol intake

Alcohol is a known contributor to heart disease, which is why avoiding it can be helpful to your overall health. Although consuming alcoholic beverages might be part of your lifestyle to relax, reducing or removing it entirely can greatly improve your cardiac function.

Many argue that a few drinks a day can be helpful for overall heart function, but this has not been scientifically proven. The best practice still falls on moderation or a complete omission, if possible.


In order to combat the harmful effects of hypertension, a lifestyle change is absolutely necessary. By following these three simple tips, you can greatly reduce your blood pressure enough to keep a healthy condition, while avoiding the need for lifelong doses of maintenance medication.

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