What You Need to Know About Drinking Green Smoothies

green smoothie

There are so many refreshing beverages on the market, especially as people’s creativity and curiosity kick in. One staple in the fitness world is healthy superfood smoothies and, though some sources may argue that green smoothies aren’t exactly good for you.

However, there are tons of benefits packed in green smoothies that are simply irrefutable. If you want to know more about these leafy green drinks, keep on reading.

How Green Smoothies Are Made

Smoothies are made by blending together a series of ingredients to drink. When it comes to usual smoothies, this can mean sweet fruits, a couple of scoops of ice cream, rich syrups, and more sugary additives. Green smoothies have an entirely different palate, though.

As you’ve probably deduced, green smoothies are healthy alternatives. This type of smoothie combines vegetables such as spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, and arugula to create that signature green drink. It may not be a popular choice among most people because of its bitter flavor.

However, there are tons of ways people can make green smoothies less bland. In fact, additional ingredients can create an entirely different refreshment with a new taste and without sacrificing most benefits. The most basic green smoothie involves spinach, kale, banana, and apple.

People mix and match to figure out what they like. Common things to put into a green smoothie are fruits, nut butter, seeds, spices, natural sweeteners, and some non-dairy milk. Green smoothies are also added with some supplements to increase the vitamins in their drink and a tad bit of water to help dilute the flavor when needed.

How Nutritious Green Smoothies Are

Because of the heavy components in a green smoothie, people often drink it as a meal replacement. It can be pretty reasonable, depending on the nutrition information of each smoothie.

The standard green smoothie usually contains just 120 calories in eight ounces. Sugar is often at a minimum compared to other snacks and drinks at 15 grams, but it can increase if sugary fruits and sweeteners are added to the glass.

The main vitamins that green smoothies contain are Vitamin A, B, and C. They also have calcium which helps in bone development and developing muscle strength, and potassium which helps your nervous system function and keeps your blood pressure regulated.

Other Perks of Having Green Smoothies

Like what’s mentioned above, green smoothies offer a lot of nutrition, thanks to the vitamins and minerals of the common leafy green vegetables blended into them. Luckily, you can customize and create the perfect green smoothie for you. If you want to have more vitamin C in a drink, you could just increase the amount of spinach in a glass.

Vegetable-based diets and drinks improve your immune system and protect you from many diseases. The number of antioxidants in a cup can help you fight the risks of heart disease and cancer, making it an ideal drink for anyone who’s prone to getting sick quickly.


Green smoothies are good for you. And just like every other good thing for your body, take them in moderation and be careful with how much you drink. Prioritize your health and treat your body to an excellent leafy cleanse.

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