Vegan Curious? Some Quick Tips

TheSkinny: Are you “vegan curious?” As the longstanding joke goes: “How do you know if someone is a vegan? don’t worry, they’ll tell you!” You don’t need to be “that person” to kick your health in the right direction by eating more plant-based foods. Or, maybe you’ve already gone vegan and need resources to inspire interested friends. Read on for our quick-start guide.

Spreading the word: Vegans themselves will admit they may talk about it too much, but this Guardian article makes the case that: Why shouldn’t they? Eating more plants and vegetables is good for your health, and eating less meat is good for the planet. And even being a “part-time vegan,” by following a less strict flexitarian diet, has multiple health benefits. Mark Bittman claims he lost 20 pounds in three months by being “vegan before 6:00.”

Make it easy: This 101 from Happy Cow: The Veggie Blog outlines 10 reasons why you need to eat more plant proteins, but they also have a app that finds vegetarian and vegan restaurants in your area. Very cool. We also love the Vegans, Baby destinations guide, which will take you to vegan destinations from the Jersey Shore all the way to Bangkok. Finally, Sweet Potato Soul shows us how to do a vegan shop for $35/week in NYC.

Eat this, not that: If you’re ready to experiment, here are eight easy vegan swaps, which include something we’d never heard of: Aquafaba, which is the liquid in chickpeas that can be made into a whipped cream substitute. Meatless MacGyver!

Try this: consider your favorite non-vegan “essential” then ask a vegan friend to direct you to their favorite vegan swap—and just try it! We said we’d never go near vegan cheese, but our mind was forever changed after trying Two Boots’ Pizza vegan offerings with non-dairy cheese.

Forgo the meat family pack on the next trip to Costco; behold, 20 vegan products at Costco the experts at VegNews are stocking up on. What we learned: Hummus Pods should be on your next passed hors d’oeuvres menu, almond-based dips are a thing, and Hippeas chickpea puffs are “taking the world by storm.”

And if you want to waste some time catching up on vegan memesBored Panda has compiled the best of the best for your scrolling pleasure.

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