Understanding The Essentials of Protein Consumption

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To anyone that’s conscious about their health and wellness, protein holds a pivotal place in the process, especially for those trying to lose weight and keep it off. Although the body needs plenty of different nutrients, protein often stands apart from the rest for various reasons. Whether you have it in the form of a few scoops of powder, half a dozen eggs, a juicy chicken breast, or a healthy plate of tofu, the nutrient in question will always be a staple in a diet—but how much of it do you actually need in a day? 

Why it matters to know the right amount

Together with carbohydrates and healthy fats, protein is a staple in any kind of well-balanced diet because of how it provides the body with the necessary nutrients it needs to stay in shape. As biology has put it time and time again, the body’s need for the macronutrient in question extends all the way to precision in terms of servings—which means that it’s essential to have enough in one’s system. 

However, getting enough protein isn’t just a droning reminder that is echoed in decades of health alerts because it extends to achieving all sorts of results, such as:

  • Muscle gain 
  • Fat loss
  • Weight maintenance
  • Optimal athletic performance

Compared to the primordial days of nutrition where a fixed amount of grams of protein per day was “sufficient.” it has now been established that the human body requires a daily amount that is unique to its composition. Depending on how much muscle you have, your height, and your weight, the number of grams that one takes must be proportionate to achieve the results mentioned above. An insufficient intake is akin to sabotaging your own efforts—which is why it matters to measure and keep an eye on how much you consume. 

The reason your body is dependent on a correct and steady supplementation of protein

Understanding the essentiality of a well-maintained and monitored protein intake boils down to slightly-basic biology. 

While the body does, in fact, produce a certain number of amino acids through its various functions, there are nine essential aminos recognized by the Food and Drug Administration. It just so happens, however, that these nine essential amino acids are not produced by the body despite being essential to its various systems (with the other 11 non-essential aminos being synthesized by the body out of its processes).

With the inability of the body to produce the nine essential amino acids, you need to pay more attention to how much protein you consume. Thankfully, it isn’t difficult to keep up with your intake and ensure that you get a steady stream of meat, eggs, milk, powder, and other dependable and healthy sources of the vital macronutrient!

How protein helps the body

There’s a reason protein is regarded by experts as the body’s “building blocks”—even more so when you look at it from the perspective of your muscles.

According to the president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dr. Colleen Tewksbury: “If we don’t get enough protein, our bodies actually won’t be able to rebuild properly, and we’ll start to lose muscle mass.” The main reason this macronutrient is vital lies in the fact that it helps repair the microtears that occur in your muscle fibers when they’re strained during exercise! 

Beyond all things related to working out and gaining or maintaining muscle, protein is essential to virtually all cells and body tissues’ growth and repair. This means that everything from your skin, hair, and nails to your bones, organs, and bodily fluids, depends on a steady and accurate supplementation to grow properly! 


When it comes to staying in shape, protein is one of the most essential ingredients and nutrients that you’ll ever need because of how impactful it is on your body’s functions. Through the help of this guide, you’ll get to brush up on everything you need to know so that you build up your diet in the best way possible for all the right results!

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