Tired of Your Regular Veggies? Here Are Some Swaps Worth Trying

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With the pandemic leaving many of us in isolation to ward off COVID-19, there’s no better time to re-evaluate our eating habits.

Whether it’s in the context of small, meaningful changes that will help us eat better or full-blown restrictions that can help good eating habits kick in, change can be achieved in many ways. If you want to eat well and treat your body nicely, a new wave of healthy eating opportunities is available for you!

If you’ve already employed some methods and approaches for clean eating, you may have realized a problem: repetitive dishes, especially when it comes to your selection of vegetables. Fortunately, this is where a delicious vegetable swap can help you stay on track! 

Switch Your Regular Vegetables

Don’t think repetitive eating is affecting your diet (and potentially killing your gains)? Think again. This recent survey shows the grim reality of lockdown eating: people, on average, have eaten the same meal a whopping 28 times. 

It may not seem like much at first, but entering a circle of repetitiveness can cause dietary progress to stall somewhere down the line because it drowns out motivation. Worse, eating the same thing over and over again can cause your discipline to falter as you question if it’s worth it to keep up. 

If you’re growing tired of your diet and a seemingly fruitless effort to love the same vegetables, this is where a veggie swap can come in handy. To give you a better idea of what options you can use to give your meals a tasty makeover (while diversifying the nutrients you get), here’s a quick guide to take into mind: 

Love Cucumbers? Jicama Can Help

Although it is considered one of the sweetest and lightest vegetables, the cucumber is no stranger to causing “healthy eating fatigue.” Fortunately, the crunchy, hydrating goodness that many love can be found in a very popular alternative: jicamas.

Described by many as a cross between a pear and a potato, jicama is a type of vegetable that is 85 percent water, hence its similarity to cucumber. While it has a slightly elevated sweetness, this vegetable is still a perfect blank canvas that can be cut into batons or julienned and paired with dressing and any kind of seasoning!

Got the Hots for Potatoes? Taros Are a Great Alternative

To most people that are new to healthy eating, the idea of getting tired of potatoes can seem nearly impossible because it’s a vegetable that’s flexible and hard to hate. However, once you start having potatoes more often, you’ll understand that you can want alternatives for your beloved spuds. And this is where taro can come in as a tasty alternative and help you stay on track.

A signature staple in Asian, African, and Caribbean cuisines, taro is considered by culinary experts as a rising vegetable that mimics the starchiness of potatoes, but with a twist. While you may be familiar with the ingredient’s use in desserts such as cake and milk tea, it can be mashed, roasted, boiled, fried, and baked like a potato—making it a great alternative!


While many consider transitioning to clean eating to be very difficult, staying consistent by sticking with a rotation of vegetables is also an uphill battle. By using these alternatives, you can avoid the risk of experiencing a bout of “healthy eating fatigue” and keep your body in amazing shape with ease!

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