The Real Deal About Protein and How It Benefits Women

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Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to cut off many food groups in your diet. Instead, what it really means is that you need to have the proper balance of nutrients to help your body function properly and at its best. 

One of the most important nutrients your body needs is protein. Protein is an organization of large, complex molecules that have a critical role in the body — from helping our body function to repairing muscles. 

You can find protein in your hair, nails, muscles, and bones, giving them their shape and helping them work the way they should. So essentially, protein is the building block in our body. But how does it help our bodies function? What benefits does it give us and to women, in particular? 

Here at The Skinny, we’ll dive deeper into what protein does to women and how it’s beneficial. Let’s take a look!

Protein Creates Lean Muscle Mass

When you exercise, you shape and tone your body, but you’ll get better and quicker results when you have enough protein in your system, and this idea is scientifically proven.

Research shows that you can increase your muscle mass with sufficient protein in your diet. Besides that, it won’t only increase your muscle mass, but it can also preserve it and prevent muscle loss due to aging. 

When you eat lots of proteins, you build stronger muscles and encourage a better response when you work out and recover. If you’re trying to manage your weight, taking not off your protein intake is crucial as well to ensure that you develop lean muscles instead of dropping pounds. 

Protein Helps Manage Your Appetite

When you’re trying to reach fitness goals, you must discipline yourself when it comes to the food that you eat. Fortunately, when you eat enough protein, it helps manage your appetite and still gives you enough energy to last you throughout the day or workout. 

The great thing about this is that it prevents you from reaching for unhealthy snacks and binge-eating, allowing you to focus on building better muscles and managing your weight gain. Think of it this way — when you have too many carbs and fat and don’t supplement it with protein, chances are, you’ll get hungry all the time and pack on the undesired weight. 

Protein Supports Your Bones

When you eat sufficient amounts of protein, you protect your bones and make them stronger, giving you better bone health as you age. 

With protein, you help prevent chronic conditions and health issues, such as osteoporosis, which could ultimately affect the quality of your life and how you manage daily tasks. As for women, bone mass density decreases as you age, so it’s best to eat more protein to keep your bones in shape. 

Protein Promotes Fat Burning

One of the most important fitness tips for managing or losing weight is eating more protein. Why should you eat more if you want to lose weight? The answer is simple — protein helps burn fat, build muscle, and boosts your metabolism. 

So besides doing cardio and regular sweat sessions at the gym, consider having a high-protein diet to help you build strength and leaner muscles, as well as eliminate stubborn fat. 

The Bottom Line: Protein Can Benefit You in So Many Ways

Some people find it scary to increase their protein intake, thinking that they’ll gain more weight, making it harder for them to reach their fitness goals. But the truth is the opposite as protein can actually help manage your weight, increase your muscle mass, and help you shape a stronger, leaner body. 

Our fitness tip for you is to have a healthy, balanced diet and provide your body with enough protein so you can spend more time building strength and muscle to help you reach your body goals. 

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