The Bitter Truth About Sugar and Its Effects on Your Health

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Mary Poppins may say a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down delightfully, but there’s nothing sweet about its effects on your health. In fact, you should be wary and look into the kinds of foods and drinks you consume because sugar may be hiding in there somewhere. And although it may taste good now, you will feel sicker later.

This article will discuss the bitter truth behind sugar consumption and how it affects your body. It will also go over different medical studies to keep you better informed about its effects. With the information below, may you seriously consider avoiding sugar in your diet and resort to sweet yet healthy substitutes.

1. Sugar affects your oral health

Sugar can linger in your mouth, and it will destroy your teeth and gums. A dental study confirms that sugar can increase your chances of having tooth decay, even if you are toothbrushing daily. The study then recommends controlling sugar intake and daily brushing and flossing as the key to maintaining good oral health.

Make sure that you only consume mostly sugar-free foods and beverages. If you eat outside your home, like in the office cafeteria or at a fast-food restaurant, request smaller serving sizes of sugary foods and drinks. This will help you lessen your intake and help eliminate sugar from your diet gradually.

2. Sugar exposes to you different medical complications

Sugary treats have always been synonymous with rewards, especially since parents tend to hand them out when their child excels in school. However, the reality is it only introduces children into a dangerous cycle because sugar can make you fat.

Sugar has always been the main culprit behind obesity rates among teens and children since they consume it the most. This results in nutrient deficiencies because sugar takes their place, preventing essentials like Vitamins A, B-12, C, and calcium from nourishing the body effectively.

As such, you must look into avoiding sugar entirely in your daily diet, and you can start by reading the nutritional facts and ingredients in your groceries. This is because most modern meals and snacks today have hidden sugars that also lead to an unhealthy spike in your intake. Consult with a nutritionist and read up on healthcare news and diet plans to help rule out sugar in your family’s diet.

3. Stress triggers your unhealthy cravings for sugar

Have you ever wondered what may be triggering your sugar cravings? A medical study confirms that stress may be related to it. Emotional eating, in particular, exposes you to feel emotionally dependent on high-sugar and fatty foods to curb your stress. This is why sugar is also seen as comfort food, a way to encourage unhealthy eating behavior by overindulging in foods like candies, cakes, and sodas.

The study further elaborates that the most viable solution to curb both stress and sugar cravings is to explore healthy outlets, such as through exercise and non-food rewards. If you feel that you crave sugar as a way to cope, you need to deal with your stress in a healthy way. Be open to consulting with a psychiatrist and nutritionist to manage your stress and sugar levels.


Sugar may seem like a sweet treat to have once in a while, but it can damage your body if left unmonitored through dieting. Keep all the previously mentioned tips in mind, and let them empower you to reconsider indulging in sugary snacks and drinks. Be smart about your sugar intake today, and get to the sweeter benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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