Top 3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Drink Wine in the Morning


Among all of the beverages, wine is the one closest to an art form. It’s intricate, and drinking it is a cultural and social activity society cannot confine to just one country.

In addition, wine is a highly flexible alcoholic beverage. Many may not think it, but wine isn’t limited to a time of day. While most tend to have it at night, either during social events or when unwinding, it is still an acceptable option to have during meals, even when the sun is out. 

It’s understandable if you’re still hesitant, especially given the judgment that some may pass if they see you drinking in the daylight. However, you’ll find that the advantages of drinking wine in the morning far outweigh whatever others may think.

See some of these advantages below:

Wine Presents Plenty of Health Benefits

You probably grew up seeing fitness tips that state that alcoholic beverages may get in the way of healthy eating and nutrition. To an extent, this fact remains true, but recent studies have linked early wine drinking to several health benefits. 

Better Cardiovascular Health

One of the most notable benefits linked to wine drinking is related to your cardiovascular health.

Red wine, in particular, has been shown to help reduce the possibility of contracting coronary heart disease (CHD). It can also lower your bad cholesterol levels by raising the heart-healthy High-Density Lipoprotein or the “good cholesterol.”

Boosted Immune System

Wine can also boost your immune system and improve your body’s response to certain vaccines. 

Of course, as most credible healthcare news says, it’s important to drink wine in moderation to reap its benefits. 

Improved Memory Retention

It’s a given that old age doesn’t do wonders to a person’s memory. But did you know that wine can help ensure that your memory retention remains exemplary even as more birthdays go by?

Yes, you read that correctly; wine can help improve your memory and other thinking skills if you enjoy it in moderation. You can even enhance its effects on your brain by pairing it with cheese. 

Wine Pairs Well with Different Breakfast Dishes

Many consider eating as a mere habit, one that people need to do to survive. However, it diminishes the pleasure that comes with having a tasty meal.

If you wish to improve your breakfast dining experience, you could consider including at least one glass of wine in the morning. Certain varieties can enhance the flavors of popular breakfast dishes.

For the Millennials: Avocado Toast

For example, a loaded Avocado Toast with tons of spices and seasoning will be more flavorful if you pair it with a glass of wine with great levels of acidity, like Sauvignon Blanc or Picpoul de Pinet.

For the Classic Lovers: Pancakes with Fruit and Syrup 

Are you the type to enjoy American classics like syrupy pancakes with fruits? Then you may want to pair your breakfast with Moscato d’Asti or Tokaji. Moscati d’Asti, in particular, enhances the sweetness of the syrup and fruits. 

Wine Brings Joy

Do you enjoy drinking the occasional glass of wine? If the answer is yes, then a simple, straightforward benefit of having it with breakfast is it’ll help jumpstart your morning on a pleasant note.

Drinking wine can also alleviate any stress built up from the previous days, helping you unwind and clear your mind as you get ready for the day. 

Final Thoughts

Like most things in life, it’s best to have wine in moderation. There are many benefits to drinking wine in the morning, like better heart health, lowered cholesterol, improved dining experience, and sunnier mornings. 

However, having too much at a time may negate those benefits in the long run. As much as possible, try to limit yourself to one to two glasses of wine with your breakfast. 

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