Reasons To Add Green Tea In Your Daily Diet: The Benefit You Get

green tea

Nowadays, many people are more conscious about what they consume and incorporate into their daily diet. From counting their macros to the different teas they drink — all of these modifications affect our lifestyle.

Some people start their day with a good, hot cup of joe, but more people are starting to kick start their day with a cup of green tea. This is because there are loads of benefits that come with switching to green tea, and The Skinny has got the lowdown on this great revelation. 

Green tea has a lot of goodness in the cup, including fat-burning properties and improving your brain functions. In this article, we’ll share with you everything you need to know about green tea, how much you should drink in a day, and the benefits you get. Let’s get to it!

What is Green Tea?

To understand what green tea is, you need to familiarize yourself with tea in general. There are numerous tea variations, and the type of tea you’ll drink heavily depends on your preference and what your body needs. 

Of all the types of teas in the market today, green tea has the most flavonoids or plant-based antioxidant chemicals. This means green tea is the least oxidized when processed; that’s why it’s packed with countless benefits.

For this reason, those who want to start healthy eating and nutrition begin by adding green tea to their daily diets. 

How Much Green Tea Should I Drink Daily?

How much green tea you drink in a day will depend on your preference and your health; this is because various amounts will benefit you in different ways. When you drink one to three cups daily, you lower your risk of stroke and heart disease, and when you drive over five cups, you can help lessen the likelihood of developing stomach cancer. 

Besides that, you want to bear in mind that green tea carries loads of caffeine, depending on how it’s grown and processed. But generally, a cup of green tea has about 28mg of caffeine, which is half of what you’ll get in black tea. 

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

  • Fat-Burning Properties: Green tea is known to speed up your metabolism and helps you feel better in general. Since green tea is packed with fat-burning properties, your blood flow and heart rate will improve, and your digestive system will function better. 



  • Manage Cardiovascular Disease: One of the most common causes of death is cardiovascular disease. Thus, you should know that green tea can affect cholesterol levels that contribute to conditions like stroke and heart attack as it lowers the bad cholesterol in the blood


  • Green Tea Fights Inflammation: Another great thing about green tea is that its flavonoids have proven to fight inflammation in the body. Epigallocatechin gallate, specifically, has anti-inflammatory effects that protect the cells of our DNA. Besides that, green tea also has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that help aid inflammation. 

The Bottom Line: Green Tea is Your Secret Weapon to Staying Healthy

Many people are still confused about the benefits you get from drinking green tea regularly. But now that you know what you get from this amazing tea, it’s time for you to focus more on healthy eating and nutrition and incorporate this green magic into your daily diet. Trust us — you’ll start feeling and looking better in no time!

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