Our Tasty Take on Trail Mix: Is It Really Healthy For You?

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Many weight watchers, gym buffs, and health-conscious people strive to indulge in healthy eating habits; that’s why tasty yet guilt-free snacks like trail mix are sweeping tables worldwide. There’s a colorful array of dried fruits, nuts, and even treats like chocolate or honey-coated oats, but it earned its popularity thanks to being a healthier, on-the-go alternative to potato chips. 

By definition, trail mix is a concoction of bite-sized ingredients that travels well, hence the name. It’s a satisfying snack that can undeniably boost energy levels and curb cravings. Still, dieticians and nutritionists have to ask: is trail mix really a healthy and diet-friendly treat? 

After all, some trail mixes put up a healthy front but are actually loaded with sugar additives like sucrose, corn syrup, and other artificial sweeteners. With that in mind, the guide below should help point you in the right aisle so you can grab a trail mix that is as delectable as it is healthy. 

Fruits and Nuts Should Dominate the Trail Mix 

As mentioned above, some trail mixes come packed with sugar additives, making them a confectionary disguised as a healthy treat. These add-ins beat the purpose of snacking on a trail mix since it will only increase your sugar intake without satisfying your hunger, all while increasing your appetite later in the day. 

That doesn’t mean that you should stray away from trail mixes with chocolates since they come in the right portions, providing no more than 100 to 150 calories. However, ignore trail mixes that come with candy-coated chocolates and sweeteners like cane sugar, corn syrup, agave syrup, or maple syrup since they will only displace the other healthy ingredients. 

The Key to a Healthy Trail Mix is Perfect Proportions 

Keep in mind that indulging in trail mix without additives or gimmicky flavors can still sneak up on you if you eat more than the recommended portion. The ideal size should pour out one-fourth cup of trail mix, which you can stretch to fill one to two servings. 

If you find yourself craving for more after one serving, it’s better to fill up using other low-calorie food like high-fiber cereal. You can also make your own blend of trail mix to create the ideal proportions that meet your taste, allowing you to explore savory takes on trail mix. 

Of course, drinking plenty of water as you eat should also help the dried fruit expand, which can help fill up your stomach. 

The Bottom Line: Trail Mix can be as Healthy as Your Habits 

When you’re craving a flavorful breakfast to kickstart your morning or sate your midnight hunger once it strikes, indulging in the right trail mix can delight your senses and fill you up without straying far from your diet goals.

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