Lift Your Spirits, not Weight – A Guide to Alcoholic Drinks

red wine in a glass

Alcohol does not just get you drunk. Even if most people see drinking as a harmful activity, it does not have to be. Although bingeing is undoubtedly dangerous, drinking in moderation can have several surprising health benefits. 

When you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle or attempt to lose weight, you do not have to swear off going out and having fun with your friends. If you’ve ever wondered what’s the skinny on drinking when dieting, worry no more. Here are the healthiest types of alcohol you can enjoy when you’re trying to stick to a health or fitness plan.

Red wine

A five-ounce glass of wine can bring you plenty of health benefits. Although red wine converts to sugar—not the healthiest fuel source around—it has other compounds that improve specific processes in your body. Red wine has polyphenols, resveratrol, and quercetin, which are active chemicals that enhance your heart health. 

What’s more, red wine is supposed to slow down the time it takes for glucose to hit the bloodstream. When this happens, it prevents insulin spikes, which is a leading cause of type 2 diabetes.


This party favorite has fewer calories than vodka and packs numerous health benefits. The natural sugar in tequila, agave, acts like fiber when ingested. This syrup is non-digestible, which means it does not raise your blood sugar levels. Agave is often part of diet plans that emphasize healthy eating and nutrition.

What’s more, agave is supposed to help lower cholesterol and prevent you from putting on extra pounds. That’s right; your standard one-ounce shot glass of this nightlife mainstay fits in with your weight loss plan. If you take it in moderation, that is!


If you keep forgetting where you put your keys or parked your car, you might be suffering from having a bad memory. If so, then make it a point to order champagne when you’re celebrating. This bubbly drink is said to enhance your memory! Champagne’s skin-calming antioxidants can complement your skincare routine, giving you the right kind of flush.


A single serving of this alcoholic drink has about the same amount of antioxidants as wine. When you’re warding off a cold or trying to contain a bout of flu, having a shot of whiskey certainly seems like the perfect excuse. Aside from antioxidants, this drink also contains ellagic acid. This is a tannin reported to exert antitumor activity in certain types of cancer.


Rum is popular among older drinkers, but younger people might want to give it a try. This drink is made from molasses and other byproducts of sugarcane, and it benefits people with mental health concerns. For example, a standard 1.5-ounce serving of rum can reduce anxiety!


Rosé conjures relaxing summer evenings and dinner dates with friends, but this wine offers other upsides. For instance, it has polyphenols. These are compounds that reportedly prevent atherosclerosis, a significant factor in heart disease. 


The next time you’re having a drink or two, see it as a way of improving your health. Remember to drink responsibly; don’t take any more than the recommended amount, and check with your nutritionist about including drinks in your meals!

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