Autumn Produce You Should Add to Your Plate


The first sign that autumn is right around the corner is that the sun is setting sooner. Another sign is that the nights are getting colder. As a proper response, you will also be wearing climate-appropriate clothing, such as jackets, coats, and boots. However, that’s not the only thing that you should do when autumn rolls in because you can also enjoy seasonal food that’s healthy.

What are some of the best healthy foods that you should eat during autumn? This article lists down some of them. Read on below to learn more.


Everything in a beet plant is edible, from its green leaves down to the root. Beet leaves are very similar to spinach in appearance and are very delicious when sautéed. Most grocery stores sell beets, and chances are this is the red variant. 

On the other hand, farmers’ markets tend to have more exciting choices, such as golden beets and bull’s blood. The red color of beets is caused by a phytochemical called betanin, which also makes beets a healthy alternative for food coloring.

Beets are a good source of naturally occurring nitrates that helps with maintaining healthy blood pressure. They are a versatile vegetable because you can eat them raw, steamed, or roasted. You can also consume them with salads or bake them as chips.


Pumpkins are full of fiber and beta-carotene, which gives them their lively orange color. When beta-carotene enters the body, it’s converted into vitamin A which is good for the eyes and skin. 

If you find pumpkins too sweet, you can try adding herbs such as curry and sage—these ingredients can make a hearty pumpkin soup!


Okra is a vegetable that’s typically fried, but it’s also enjoyed in other forms. The thickening properties of the seed pods are what’s primarily enjoyed by those who love this vegetable.

For those who can’t stand the thickening properties, stir-fried okra works best. The pods are high in Vitamins C and K, and they’re also a good source of fiber and folate and low in calories.


Parsnips are like carrots, except they’re white. Like beets, they can also be eaten raw or cooked. A half-cup of cooked parsnips is full of fiber (approx. 3 grams) and contains more than 10% of the daily values of Vitamin C and folate, which helps reduce the risk of getting cancers.

You can also enjoy them roasted, mashed, or mixed in a soup. You can even use parsnips to substitute potato-based dishes, such as salad, shepherd’s pie, or poutine.


Pears are most delicious during the fall because it’s their peak season. One unique thing about pears is that they don’t ripen on the tree; instead, they become ripe after being picked off from the tree. To know if a pear is ripe, simply check the neck. If the fruit near the stem breaks, it’s because of pressure that ripens it.

Like many fruits, you can enjoy pears in different ways, such as grilled, added in red wine, panini, soup, or made into a smoothie. You can also add the peel to your diet because it’s a good source of fiber.


Fall is the time to get cranberries, along with their immense nutritional value. Cranberries contain a compound known as proanthocyanidin, which prevents harmful bacteria from sticking to your bladder wall. 

They can be enjoyed fresh, dried, or cooked. Cranberries are also an excellent addition to grains, cereals, and salads—there’s simply no stopping how much flavor they can add to every meal!


Fall is a relaxing season despite being transitional, and perhaps the best way to relax is to munch on season-appropriate food. We should always maintain our healthy eating habits, and we shouldn’t let those habits go just because we have cozier weather. Pumpkin spice lattes are good, but don’t forget to consume fresh and healthy!

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