7 Healthy No-Diet Habits for an Effective Weight Loss Journey

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Now more than ever, we are becoming more meticulous about the food we eat because we have already identified the food and ingredients that are making us gain weight. While there are many temptations around, we keep on finding ways to avoid calories while balancing them with physical activities and other weight loss solutions, especially by going on a diet. 

But what if we tell you that you can lose weight without dealing with diet? Best health care news you’ve ever heard yet? Read on to find healthy habits that can help you lose weight without dieting!

Get rid of the diet mentality

Starving and depriving yourself of food while aiming to lose weight is not a healthy method. Doing a strict diet can lead to a cycle of losing weight and going back to your initial weight. This is because we love doing things that we are not allowed to do. The more you deprive yourself of food, the more it will crave for it, and when your mind can no longer take it, you will just break down and eat all the food you want. Besides, a strict diet isn’t healthy for everyone. 

Eat slowly

Have you ever thought about why Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people aren’t prone to obesity? It’s because they eat with chopsticks. When you eat food using chopsticks, you essentially slow down your eating, allowing the body to digest the food thoroughly. The point here is not about eating using chopsticks, but more about eating slowly. With that, be sure to give your body enough time to process the food you have eaten. 

Use smaller plates

This one might sound a little weird at first, but you should use a smaller plate when eating your meals for a day. The small plate can trick the brain into thinking that you already have enough food on your plate, and that will prevent you from overeating!

Drink more water

We can’t emphasize this enough––water is everything. If you are addicted to ice-blended coffee or sodas, then you should drink more water than the flavored drinks you consume. Or better yet, replace them with water. Consuming water can make you feel full, so it’s better to drink a glass before eating to reduce your food intake, and it’s even healthier!

Eat more protein

Did you know that protein has the power to affect your hunger and fullness? You might want to start your day with protein if you are eager to lose weight. Women who eat eggs are observed to eat less during lunch. If you don’t like eggs, then you can always go for other options, such as almonds, oats, milk, or even fish. 

Watch your eating schedule

It is often recommended that you only eat when you are hungry. This is the reason intermittent fasting doesn’t work for many. You should never skip food when hunger knocks on your stomach because it could lead to eating more later. Eat small meals within the day, and if you feel like snacking, resort to nuts, fruits, or protein bars instead of junk foods. 

Consume fiber-rich foods

Our body cannot digest fiber, so when consumed, it stays longer in the stomach until it is released through the body’s waste. Because of this, fiber can slow down digestion and trick us that we are still full. On top of that, fiber-rich foods prevent constipation and increase nutrient absorption. 


At this point, you now know that there are many ways to lose weight, so stop getting yourself stuck in food deprivation and an unhealthy weight loss journey that can be ineffective. The key to a proper weight loss is always getting informed by looking for healthier alternatives.

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